Where Can You Learn How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Free?

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My dream when I was younger was to learn to play guitar. I wasn’t out to becoming a professional sports start, fireman, or astronaut. What I was interested in was learning to play the guitar.

As I grew up I plucked away at the guitar a little bit, but it wasn’t until I became an adult that I finally got back to me dream and started to learn how to play guitar. I had fallen into the trap of putting it off and putting it off, figuring that eventually I’d have the time, the time was just never right.

Over the next few paragraphs I’m going to share with you the free resources I’d use today if I was learning how to play acoustic guitar again. After reading this article you’ll know where to go for free guitar lesson content to learn the basics and prepare you for more advanced techniques in more advanced forms of lessons.

Take Advantage of Video

When I was first trying to teach myself guitar I was using a handful of books I was able to pick up at a local music store. I fought my way through the first couple of lessons, how ever I was never quite sure if I was learning it correctly or not. There was no way to get feedback since the book only showed me what to do in pictures and words,

Today with the Internet you can watch hundreds of free videos on Google and youtube. You can see different techniques performed by someone right in front of you and you can duplicate it. This saves you hundreds of dollars in lessons, and weeks in time as a beginner learning acoustic guitar.

This process saves you tons of time and a few dollars for basic guitar lessons when learning to play acoustic guitar.

If I was learning again today, I would be starting with the free videos available on YouTube and other similar video sites.

Taking it to the Next Level

Outside of the free video sites I mentioned above there is little content available for free any where else. Some websites will loop you in thinking their going to offer you something for free but then ask you to pay at the very last minute.

Once you’ve exhausted all of the free resources available on the free video sharing websites there’s another great resource to check out. This next resource doesn’t have unlimited lessons available, but it provides several free sample lessons to new students before you join their service.

The service I’m talking about is called Work Shop live. This is an online guitar lesson network that produces and provides beginner through advanced guitar lesson instruction 100% over the web.

As a paid subscriber you gain access to well over 1000 different video lessons for every skill level and style including acoustic playing. The instructors are top notch in their field and the video quality is great.

I’d suggest you sign up for their free lessons to sharpen your beginner skills. Once you’ve watched the few lessons available you might want to consider joining WorkShopLive for a few months to learn some more advanced techniques.

By: Dave Porter

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Want to get started today? Take a few moments to read our article about WorkShopLive, we’ve created an unbiased review of their site and how it can help you. For other ideas on where to learn guitar skills check out our website for the best guitar lessons available on the web.


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