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You no longer have to take private lessons to learn to play the guitar. Thanks to the Internet, and new video technology you can learn to play guitar online. How ever it might not be as straight forward as you’d like it to be. There are a lot of options for where you get your lessons from. In this article I’m going to give you the cut and dry options of free, paid, and downloaded guitar lessons. After reading this article you should be able to make your own decision about where to learn how to play guitar online.

Free Guitar Lesson Videos

Thanks to all of the video sharing websites on the web now there are thousands of people sharing different tips and lessons on the guitar. These range from probably one to ten minutes in length. This is a great way if you’re looking to learn something straight forward, such as a new chord or a particular song. How ever as a beginner guitar player it can be difficult. You don’t know exactly what you need to learn, and you won’t find any sort of learn this then that plan. I’d suggest staying away from free videos if you’re a beginner.

Downloaded guitar lessons and Ebooks

Better then free videos guitar lessons ebooks and video courses are structured to the extent that they have a lesson plan. They teach you the right things in the correct order. The downfall to this format of lesson is they often lack depth. Meaning you can learn the basics, chords, how to read tab, and strumming but you won’t get an advanced education of how to play guitar. These lessons are great for beginners to get started fast, and for those that just want to learn to play popular songs. They’re also reasonably inexpensive.

Video Guitar Lesson Memberships

The best alternative to learn how to play guitar online is by subscribing to an online video guitar lessons membership websites. These sites charge you an monthly, quarterly, or annual fee to access their entire archive of lessons, which are usually top notch HD recorded videos by professional guitar instructors.

The big benefits here are:

Lesson plans from beginner to advanced

Different styles of lessons (blues, jazz, rock, metal)

Lots of content available all the time

Low cost for access to a lot of information

If you want to learn guitar the right way and learn to read music, play scales, etc. Then online membership sites are the best alternative. They’ll offer the most current content, and allow you to keep learning as they add new lessons and information to their members area.

You now have a basic primer of the different ways to learn how to play guitar online. Which website, or service you choose to buy from is another story. I suggest you take time to research and read reviews of the services or products you’re considering.

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