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So, you want to be a Rock Star, huh?…what about a classic guitarist, or country guitarist, or maybe even a blues or jazz guitarist? Or, maybe you simply want to improve your skills of your favorite pastime…playing the guitar. Well, as you know or are probably discovering, one-on-one, in-person guitar lessons can be expensive, ranging anywhere from $25/hour to over $40/hour, and there is no guarantee that you will learn how to play the guitar or improve your current skills. Over time, learning the guitar using this traditional method of instruction can cost you thousands of dollars per year (Even at the low end of the price range, $25/hour for 2-hours/week for 50-weeks in a year – 2 weeks left out for vacation – your total cost for one year of lessons would be $2,500; even if you did only 1-hour/week, the cost would still be expensive at $1,250 for the year…and, again, that’s using the low-end of the price range).

But, you ask, what’s the alternative? How can I learn to play the guitar if I don’t get professional instruction? My answer is simple: “digital” or “online” guitar lessons provided by a professional guitarist with teaching experience.

So, what are “digital” or “online” guitar lessons? Simply put, they are the equivalent of one-on-one guitar lessons that are presented by an experienced guitar instructor and come in the pre-packaged form of a CD, DVD, video file, audio file, and/or web-access. With online guitar lessons, or lessons provided through some other form of digital media, you can learn from an experienced guitarist how to select, buy, string, tune and, of course, play the guitar in the privacy of your own home at your own pace. Why would someone choose their guitar instruction to come in the form of a disk or web-site instead of in-person? Simple:


Most of these quality programs are offered at about $25-$50 while some may cost upwards of $200. However, compared to traditional in-person instruction as calculated previously, these programs, provided by experienced guitarists, would save you thousands per year.


Have you ever heard of a guitar instructor offering a money-back guarantee? Most, if not all, of these programs do!


No more wasting time and money commuting or trying to schedule your life around your instructor’s schedule. Now you can practice with a professional whenever, wherever and for however long you wish. You could get professional guitar instruction at 2am if you wanted.


No more wasting money because you can’t seem to grasp a skill and you have to continue to ask your instructor during multiple lessons to spend time showing you how it is to be performed. With these “digital” or “online” guitar programs, you can get experienced instruction on whatever skill you need as many times as you need it…and it doesn’t cost you any more money!


Most, if not all of these courses, offer continued online support for FREE after you purchase their program. What guitar instructor who offers in-person lessons would give you their phone number or even their email address so that you could ask them questions anytime you needed some support?

The disadvantages of using digital or “online guitar lessons” are:


With a cost typically less than 1% of a year’s worth of in-person guitar instruction, money-back guarantee, experienced, professional instruction anytime, anywhere and for however long, no commuting, ongoing support for FREE, there really are no disadvantages.

So, before you go looking for a “place of instruction” for learning how to play the guitar or improve your current abilities, you might want to review some of the “online instruction” being offered in the comfort of your own home at your own pace. These programs could very well get you playing like an experienced guitarist in no time while saving you a small fortune, literally thousands of dollars, each year. You can review some of these educational programs at Online Guitar Lessons at (simply cut-and-paste this link if it is not clickable or click on the associated link found in the “About the Author” box located below this article).

Wishing you an exciting and fulfilling experience in learning how to play the guitar or play the guitar better with online guitar lessons,

By: Greg DBK Smith

About the Author:

Greg Smith is founder of The Database of Knowledge: The Source for Enhancing Our Lives. You can find an outline of online guitar lesson programs at Online Guitar Lessons.


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