Learning to Play Guitar – Can You Do it for Free?

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If you are interested in learning to play the guitar for free, this article will give you a plan of action. There are certain areas of interest that you need to explore to get the most out of free ways of learning to play guitar. You need to be able to use search engines effectively, and you need to have a firm idea of what to search for. We will be looking at the benefits or otherwise of learning to read music and tab, plus putting free guitar lesson videos to good use.

When you start out learning to play guitar you need a plan. Of course, you do not really have a plan at this stage, just a bunch of desires. So you will need to use your local search engine to look for websites that give you free guitar lessons. The lessons you find on these sites might not give you all you need to learn to play but first page on these sites usually gives you an overview of learning guitar. You will be able to see the skills you need to learn and how to learn them.

A basic summary of what you will find on free guitar lesson websites would be lessons on how to sit and stand while playing, how to hold your guitar, placement of your thumb, barre chords, scales, musical notation and tablature. Many free guitar lessons are very basic because they are there just to entice you to the site where hopefully you will sign up for paid lessons. This does not mean that these free guitar lessons are useless, just that you will need to search in more detail to fill your needs completely.

Before we go further in search of guitar lessons, let us look at how we use the search engines. If we take Google as an example, and we type the phrase, free guitar lessons, into the search box we will get thousands or maybe millions of results because our search results are pages that contain the separate words free, guitar, lessons. To make our search more effective we need to type our phrase in quotes – “free guitar lessons”. Using the quotes in our search gives us pages that contain this phrase, and these pages are much more likely to contain information that we want. Keep this method in mind when you are searching for any information on the internet, especially things like song titles.

We need to talk about YouTube and similar sites that feature videos of guitar lessons. Learning to play the guitar by watching other guitar players is the best way to learn. Before the internet we had to pay guitar teachers a chunk of change in exchange for lessons that were nowhere near as good as alot of the free guitar video lessons you can find now. It is best to use videos in conjunction with tabs to learn music. Some videos actually have links to tabs. The thing is to decide what type of music you want to learn to play and use the search box to look for the genre, such as “fingerstyle blues guitar” or to find how to play particular pieces try something like “house of the rising sun guitar lesson”. If your search does not yield results try again without the quotes.

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