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If you want to learn the basics of electric guitar and your first lesson isn’t for a while you’re probably wondering what to do while you’re waiting.  Is there any kind of preparation you can do? You could try looking at the free guitar lessons on the internet but it’s advisable not to try too much because even at a very early stage you could start forming bad habits.  Sometimes new electric guitarists already have some knowledge of music theory or can even play another musical instrument, but that doesn’t really give you an edge when learning the basics of electric guitar.

If you are impatient to get started you could check out YouTube. If you are just starting with the electric guitar do a search for “basic guitar lessons”.  And take the time to just watch the guitarists giving the lessons on video.  You don’t have to actively try to imitate them, but just watch. Spend a few days or a week doing this for an hour or two and you’ll be surprised at how much you have learnt.

When you’re looking at the electric guitar lessons on the internet don’t worry if you don’t like what you see. The video lessons on YouTube are not to everyone’s taste – especially someone just trying to learn the basics.  Maybe you’re just the kind of person who prefers direct contact with the teacher.  Some teachers even come to your house to give you lessons.

When you take your first lesson your teacher will show you the correct hand positions and the correct way to hold the guitar.  That way you do not begin your life as electric guitar player with bad habits, possibly laying the foundation for injuring your wrist or arms later.  If you haven’t found a teacher yet the local guitar store is a good place to start.  You could answer advertisements in your local paper but I think a recommendation from somebody who already plays guitar is better.

When you are browsing the free electric guitar lessons on the internet take note of the kind of information you can get without paying.  Many people complain that free lessons are not as good as paid lessons but it’s up to you to judge that for yourself.  If you go with free lessons when you first start playing the electric guitar, quite possibly even after some months you will still not be playing a complete song.  Free guitar lessons cannot give you the impetus to set up a practice regime for yourself and to systematically learn chords in different positions on the guitar fretboard, practice chord progressions,  and then put this knowledge into practice with some of your favorite songs. An electric guitar is not easy to carry around but it’s best to take your own guitar to your lessons.  You don’t need the extra hassle of adjusting to a strange guitar when you are learning new material.

When it comes to learning songs you can make great use of the free tab sites on the internet.  Some of these sites have tabs for music that you can’t get in music shops.  You can also try the various guitar tab groups on MySpace.  Some of the free tab sites on the web also have free lessons.  If you do a little searching you could find out about the various parts of your electric guitar and how to use them, such as whammy bar technique or how to play harmonics.

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