Is There One Best Way to Learn Guitar?

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Unfortunately, there isn’t just one way that works for everyone to learn guitar. We all have different goals we want to achieve with our guitar lessons, and we each enjoy learning differently. In this article we’ll discuss two different methods of learning to play guitar and what style of learning and playing their best suited to. After reading this article you should be able to decide which type of player you want to be, and then effectively make a choice as to the best way for you to learn guitar.

Your goal is to learn to play popular songs

If this sounds like you then great. A lot of people who buy a guitar do so just for this purpose. They like to sing and want to be able to play at the same time. Or maybe they just want to learn some of those great rock or acoustic tunes. No matter what the reason, one thing is certain you don’t want to get caught up in learning all the technical stuff. You just want to learn the basic chords, strumming techniques and basics to get your going.

If this sounds like you then the easiest method to learn to play guitar is probably with one of the video ebook combination products available on the Internet. What these products lack in technical teaching they make up for in speed. The combination of using the ebook, games, and videos to teach you chords, basic techniques, and strumming techniques is by far the best for learning simple songs.

These type of guitar programs usually cost $30 to $100 dollars.

You want to learn everything there is to know

Maybe that last statement is a bit to much, it’s not that you want to know everything about the guitar, but you don’t want to just play top 40 songs from the radio. You’re interested in different styles, maybe jazz or blues. You want to grow as a guitar player and not just have it as a simple hobby. If this sounds like you then there are two choices. Well actually really where you need to end up if this is your goal is at a music school, but you can start learning to play from home.

If you do want to start learning on your own from home then an in depth guitar lesson dvd course is probably the best bet. While more expensive the the ebook and video products discussed before the amount of lesson content in these programs is 10 times greater.

The best way to get started if your end goal is to become a well versed and skilled guitar player is with a home study dvd course. There are a few of these available on the market that offer a very good lesson plan from basic to intermediate teachings. Avoid the cheap single dvds you can buy at the local music store this won’t provide you with enough content to last a month.

An example home study guitar course would be Learn and Master guitar, a 20 dvd program that would probably give a beginner enough content to last them a year. After studying this program you’d be set to progress your guitar education with a private instructor for advanced learning.

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