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While many things are easy to learn through trial and error, sometimes lessons can really make the difference between learning and frustration. Guitar lessons are no different, and can be invaluable to the novice intent on learning to play guitar. There are a variety of ways to get guitar lessons; which one works best for any one person depends on personal preference and learning styles.

One popular first step is to pick up a book on learning to play guitar. This is a good way to get acquainted with the terminology you’ll encounter, as well as to get a basic idea of how guitars work. Some comprehensive books may even offer some basic guitar lessons, demonstrating how to hold your guitar, strike notes, and possibly even play a basic chord or two. One downfalls to books though is the inability to see the lessons in action, or to get any sort of feedback on whether you’re doing things correctly.

There are also numerous videos that offer guitar lessons. These can work especially well in conjunction with books, as you’re able to see the methods described in action. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll also be able to hear what certain things should sound like – making it easier to determine whether you’re following along correctly. Video lessons also offer the advantage of being able to skip past things you already understand, allowing you to focus on new learning. However, like books, videos are unable to provide true feedback specific to your playing, and can’t tell you exactly where you may be going wrong.

Personal guitar lessons, on the other hand, give you an opportunity to learn exactly that. With personal lessons, your instructor can tailor lessons specifically to your learning needs and habits, and tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong, and how to correct it. An instructor can guide you from the very initial stages, including how to string and tune your guitar – through to advanced lessons as you progress. However, they often insist on sticking to a somewhat rigid path of learning, in the hopes of instilling the best habits from the outset. While practicing scales may seem useless and redundant after a while, many instructors will insist on them.

There are also guitar lessons resources on the internet, and many of them are free. These often combine the best of books and videos – providing background information on the processes and methods, while demonstrating them with videos and sound files. Lessons can be found for every skill level and for every style of guitar playing.

An effective approach is to use a blend of methods. Use books and internet resources to learn the technical aspects of guitar playing. Videos can give you a good start towards playing on your own. Instructors can work with you to build your skills according to your ability, and provide valuable feedback. Whichever approach you use, guitar lessons can be a rewarding way to learn a new skill and eventually, create great music.

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