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Playing the guitar is something that can be learned and it takes time. However, those people who would like to learn it do not have enough time to spend practicing even just the basics. Guitar playing will take years to master although you can just pick it up and play whenever and wherever you want. If you are really serious in learning the instrument, it will need you to take time to spend. It is not something that can be learned only memorizing the details. It needs practical use for you to really be able to know how to do it.

Personally, I haven not taken any guitar lessons or hired someone to teach me. Self-study was all there is for me. My determination and serious intent prompted my inner skills to get out and make the best of every moment. I was 14-years old when I started thinking about learning how to play instruments and I saw someone playing guitar. I love the sound of it so I strive to learn it. Perhaps it also runs in the blood because my parents know how to play the instrument too. I find that the quickest way nowadays to learn guitar is to take online lessons. They are basically everywhere in the net. They are right to the point and they allow people to learn at their own chosen time and pace. You can even choose from various lessons from basics to advance.

When you learn at your own pace and time makes it easier for you to learn how to play the instrument much faster because there is no pressure put on you. The added fact that learning online can be fun and easier to understand and follow. For me it will really make a difference if you will try to learn in a serious but fun way. I find it too hard if my heart is not on that something I do. So apart from the determination to learn how to play the instrument, perhaps the next best thing is to set your heart in it for real. You cannot just take it up and then expect to learn without paying so much effort. Remember that we are not music geniuses to start with. Even geniuses have to set their heart to learn too.

Online lessons can be very theoretical which personally I skipped through. Reading the facts and principles make my head hurt. Personally, I want to have active experience to learn something because if I learn something by experience, I find it easier to remember that way. You can skip the theory too especially if you just want to play couple of songs. If this is actually what you want then you can just learn the basic chords and start your way from there. Doing this at your own pace will make you learn the basics with only a few hours to spare and perhaps will be able to play your favorite songs in no time at all.

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