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Most popular songs are also fairly easy to play, especially in the blues or rock genres. There’s a bunch of free guitar lessons on the internet so if you have a list of favorites songs I’d suggest typing them into a search engine together with the words ‘free tabs’ or ‘free chord charts’. Also, as the saying goes, don’t forget the lyrics, you can usually get those for free, too.

I’ve gone around to a few websites to see what songs were considered both popular and easy, and there really is quite a large range out there for a beginner guitarist with half an hour a day to practice and some enthusiasm for learning to play some songs. Here’s a few I’ve found: About A Girl By Nirvana, Take It Easy by The Eagles, Mister Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, House Of The Rising Sun by The Animals and Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver.

You will be able to play all these songs if you learn these chords: A major, A minor, C major, D major, D minor, E major, E minor, F major and G major.

For many people a big difficulty in learning to play songs is getting the knack of playing guitar and singing at the same time. As there is not much point learning to sing without being able to play the guitar, you can afford to spend a bit of time working on your collection of guitar chords without worrying too much about singing the words. There are many tutorials on learning chords and chord changes so if you have any trouble in this area do a web search on guitar chord lessons, particularly on YouTube because video lessons are much more easy to understand than text when it comes to a physical skill like chord changing.

Once you have your chord changes smooth – not necessarily fast – learn the words to your song. Learning song lyrics isn’t rocket surgery so you shouldn’t have to rely on reading from a piece of paper, that will just add to your hassles. The next skill you are going to learn is playing guitar, singing the song and tapping your foot at the same time. Use a metronome to keep the time accurate. Don’t start with singing but count the beats out loud to the metronome while you play the chords. If there are any hiccups in your chord changes this kind of practice should help iron them out.

If you are having real trouble counting, saying the ‘and’ out loud between the beats will help. After a while you will be able to keep time with your foot without saying the beats, so you can now begin to sing the words.

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