6 Easy Steps to Learn Guitar Fast

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You can learn the guitar fast if you understand a few easily absorbed steps. Now to be clear becoming expert takes time but you can be quickly enjoying your favorite songs quickly. After all isn’t that what we all want to learn to do?

The first step is to check is that the action on your guitar is set properly for you. A good guitar shop will do this for you but if you have purchased a new or used guitar the action may be too high and cause sore fingers and stress in your hands.

**Note – The ‘action’ is the distance between the underside of the guitar string and the guitar fingerboard. Not having this set properly can result in sore fingers and that will definitely result in less practice and playing.

The second step is to understand that the music is in you and no amount of spending on fancy equipment will overcome what you put in to it. Your effort should be put into technique not the latest equipment. You are the reason your playing works or it does not. A good guitar player can still create great music on inferior equipment. Great equipment can’t make a bad player sound good.

The third step is to concentrate on your rhythm. Keep the pace with your foot so that you have a consistent flow in your playing. Spend more time and effort in developing rhythm when playing as that is the most important item when people are listening. Once this becomes second nature then you can start to expand your other techniques.

The fourth step to learning guitar fast is to use simple chords first..If you are trying to master complex chords before you have the rhythm down to being an automatic reflex you will stop the rhythm because you are concentrating so hard on where to place your fingers that you lose the pace.

The fifth step is again to stay with basics in your strumming pattern. This will help you in two ways. You won’t lose the rhythm because you are using just a basic strum on the first beat of the measure. You also will begin to memorize the sound of the chord. This will allow you to easily start to play by ear down the line because you will recognize the chord automatically in the songs you are copying.

The final concept to learn to play guitar fast is to stick to two chord songs initially..Again by keeping it simple you build up your confidence and your abilities much more quickly. After all when you were an infant you crawled berfore you walked and you mastered walking before you could run.

Getting up and going when learning guitar fast can be easy and quick but…

Staying to the very basic until they become second nature will allow you to improve your playing much quicker than trying to gather complex items all at once. That tends to teach you bad habits that will be exceedingly hard to correct to get you playing from the beginner level to expert.

By: Steve Robinson

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