What Guitar to Buy?

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What Guitar To Buy?

Many of beginner level guitar players has hesitated over the choice of their first instrument. The truth is, there isn’t one correct choice for all of us. Guitars are as individual as we are, so your choise of instrument must be careful and wise.

First of all, you should think about how much money can you spend on guitar. I suggest to spare at least 150- 200 dollars, if you want to get a decent instrument. There are a lot of good instruments in this price range to choose from.

Now you must choose what kind of guitar do you want to buy. There are electric guitars and acoustic guitars. If you want just to strum along the songs and have no serious intention of learning guitar, I suggest you of buying an acoustic guitar. That doesn’t mean that person with serious intention of mastering guitar shouldn’t buy an acoustic as their first instrument, however I think that electric guitar will better serve your purposes. That is because when your guitar skills will raise you will understand that acoustic guitar has some limits. For example, acoustic guitar’s neck is shorter than electric guitar’s neck, so it will be hard for you to play highter notes, especially when you are soloing.

Once you’we decided what kind of guitar you want to buy, let’s think of accesories for your guitar. One of the most important accesories is a case or a gigbag. Case or gig bag is a very useful accessory, because you can your guitar in it between the lessons, an you can also carry your guitar around in it, in that way protecting your guitar from damages. You should also restring your guitar as soon as you get it, because the guitar has probably been it the store for months and the string quality isn’t very good. You should also carry an extra set of strings, so you can change a string if the one thats on guitar breaks. If you’re want to buy an electric guitar, you should also consider buying an amplifier and cables. There are many decent practise amps out there, so choose wisely. And last, but definately not least accessory you should buy are picks. Pick is hold between your thumb and index fingers, and is used to pick strings. There are a wide variety of picks, but you should choose the one you feel most comfortable with. And make sure you buy at least a couple of them, because they tend to lose themselves.

By: Kristaps Baltins

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