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There are several guitars available on the market and the type you choose will depend largely on what kind of music you intend to play. You also need to be physically comfortable with your guitar and this, of course, will be governed by your size. The weight of your guitar is important especially if you will be playing the instrument quite regularly so make sure you do not choose one which is too heavy for you as this will only weigh you down.

The look and the sound of the guitar have to appeal to you too. There are so many shapes, colors and finishes and all guitars produce a slightly different sound, the best quality usually being the most expensive.

Having taken all these factors into consideration your choice of guitar still rests with the type of music you will be playing. If, for example you are into classical music a guitar with gut or nylon strings will be ideal. The back and sides should be made of rosewood with either cedar or spruce for the top. It is quite similar to the type of guitar used for flamenco playing but the flamenco guitar is thinner, and the body is more shallow and made of cypress with cedar on top.

The classic guitar with the hollow body and nylon strings and the electric steel guitar with its solid wood body and bolted on neck and steel strings, such as the famous Fender Stratocaster are probably the two most popular kinds of guitar overall. Within these two types of guitar there are many variations, semi-acoustic and semi-solid being an example of these. The next most popular is the bass guitar but you will find when purchasing your first guitar that the main options open to you will be to choose between the acoustic and the electric models.

If you have not played before then you really should consider an acoustic guitar to start with. It is easier to play and you do not need anything else to get started except a case, a strap, some picks and, of course, your sheet music all of which are reasonably priced. If you opt for an electric guitar, you will need an amplifier and a minimum of one effects box. This increases the price quite considerably and also makes the choice more difficult for you.

Although you do not need to pay a fortune for your first guitar, you should not go for a cheap and nasty model on the basis that you don’t know whether or not you will keep on playing after the initial interest. If you go for one which looks dreadful and feels and sounds even worse, you will probably put it to one side before long, not wanting to play it at all. Ask your guitar playing friends, and friends of friends, if you can have a go with their instruments to get the feel of things before paying a visit to the music shops. When you are browsing there is no need for you to buy a top brand name as there are loads of great guitars available on the market without well known brand names.

Check that your guitar is well made by running your fingers around the seams of the instrument. If any part of the guitar feels rough or as if it is literally coming apart at the seams, then this is one guitar to avoid. Make sure the frets are even and that the top is not made of plywood. Above all, don’t dash off out and buy the first guitar you try – there is really no need as you can be certain with a little patience you will find the one which is out there, just waiting for you.

By: Kevin Sinclair

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