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Learning guitar chords is like learning how to speak a language. Learning guitar chords is quite difficult but it does not have to feel impossible for you as there are many online resources that can help you master the process. Learning guitar chords is largely a question of teaching the left hand to memorize different shapes. Muscle memory plays a very large part of this process and practice is essential. One of the tricks for when you are practicing and learning guitar chords is when taking in to consideration that you have already memorized the chord patterns and to switch randomly between these chords so that the changes become automatic and you do not have to concentrate on the changes.

I personally love playing guitar. The guitar is still the most popular stringed musical instrument and we all have our guitar idols and gods from Hendrix to Slash, Page to Clapton. All of these guys started with simple chords and chord progressions and so can you.

Once you learn how to play guitar chords you will be able to pick up any song book or guitar tab and play the songs as you read them and that is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Many of the online guitar courses available from our website feature play-along tracks for you to practice with and you can jam along to your hearts content!

Friends often ask me how to play guitar or what guitar instruction to use, sometimes they even ask me how hard should it be to learn how to play guitar music. My answer is always the same, not as hard as you think if you are prepared to learn. Unlike the old ways of learning guitar music, taking lessons and wasting 100s of dollars, squinting at notes for hours on end, playing songs over and over, you can find very effective online training course that cost a fraction of guitar lessons.

When you are learning chords on your guitar you have to consider the differences in sound that the two main kinds of guitars make. The chord sounds are very different between the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar so bear that in mind when you are learning songs, match the guitar to the song style. Easy guitar songs start right with simple stepping and rhythm. This enables the novice to study to play the guitar easier and allows faster progression. When learning guitar chords, you must bear in mind that the guitar chord is considered as the most common and simplest way of playing the guitar. There are so many different guitar chord combinations that trying to remember all of them can really be a headache. So learn the main ones and master them, memorize them and you can then move on to learn the more difficult or less used variants. Most songs are made with these basic chords or slight variants as these are the ones the guitarist who wrote the music is most familiar with and also practiced most while they learned their craft.

One thing you must consider when you are playing guitar or learning new chords is you apply yourself. If you apply yourself properly and dedicate your time to learning the chords in different ways then you will soon be on your way to a more professional sounding guitar and much better techniques than you ever had before. You will soon be playing along to your favorite songs as if you were in the band. You will soon have that warm glow of satisfaction as your family comes to listen to you play with a contented smile instead of running to the other room as soon as you pick up the guitar, and that is a true sign of success!

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