Learn to Play Guitar – Online or Offline?

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So you have finally decided to learn to play guitar. Have you decided to learn online or are you going for face to face lessons? Your average guitar teacher will wind up costing you about eighty to one hundred dollars every month. That is just for one lesson per week. On the other hand a nifty set of videos cannot give you personal advice based on the observation of your playing by a seasoned professional guitar player.

A live guitar teacher might offer you the chance to take a free lesson to help you decide whether to commit yourself to a course of lessons. You could sit down with your teacher during your free lesson and tell him how you want to progress with the guitar. He can tell you if your goals are realistic or if you need to rethink your dreams of the future. This will let you get an idea of how committed your teacher is to turning students into guitar players. A good guitar teacher will be listen to your plans for your guitar playing and his teaching methods and advice will be tailored to your specific needs. He can watch you play and see where you are going wrong and what you need to do to fix it.

If you lead a busy life it might not be practical for you to get to a guitar teacher once a week and devote half an hour, an hour or more per day to practicing the guitar as well as performing your professional and family duties. If you are one of these busy people the prospect of saving money on guitar tuition fees and transport fares or fuel costs you might want to think seriously about learning guitar online. If you decide to go for an online course then how do you know which one to choose?

The internet has archives of guitar tabs, sites containing free lessons, thousands of free videos and countless opportunities for us to watch videos of the best guitarists in the world, past or present, dead or alive. There are many forums with guys who have been playing the guitar for many years waiting for a chance to pass on their expertise and love of guitar playing to beginners. If you save a few of these guitar forums to your bookmarks in your browser you can visit a few every day and copy and paste any advice or tabs that you find useful.

There are guitar lesson websites that have the lessons set out in the correct sequence for a beginner guitar player’s progress. The formulators of these guitar courses are experienced guitar players who have extensive experience teaching the guitar and playing in bands. These online lessons are great for people who need a basic understanding of the guitar, how to hold it and play chords for easy songs. Free online guitar lessons get these people playing the guitar fast.

Here is a great way to make use of free guitar tools and tabs you find on the internet. You could organize your basic tools into groups like tabs, chord charts, songs, scales, articles and tools such as online guitar tuners. You create some folders on your computer for each of these groups so that you can get to your learning material easily during your guitar practice time.

Online guitar lessons also go a long way towards saving your dignity as well as your money. You can work quietly in your own room at any difficulties or misunderstanding about guitar playing without exposing your shortcomings to another person. You can do this at your own pace, seeking more advice from forums to help you with your problems. If you have only a little time to spend on guitar practice online lessons will accommodate you, and if you find that you have some extra time you will always find something new and interesting to learn.

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