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Some people never develop a deep understanding of the acoustic guitar. That does not mean that anybody cannot have fun by just being an amateur guitar player. To learn a few chords and practice the technique of strumming can be very rewarding in spite of the fact that it does not make you a virtuoso acoustic guitar player. Speaking of virtuosos, let us take a quick look at the variety of guitar styles that come under the heading of “acoustic guitar”. There is Celtic guitar music that grew out of the folk guitar boom in the nineteen sixties. Celtic music was not originally played on the guitar, so the guitar and the alternate tunings used to play Celtic music have been grafted onto this ancient music tradition. So, as well as folk music, there is the classical guitar which is classical music played on the guitar, whether or not the piece was originally composed to be played on the guitar. Then there is Flamenco, the traditional music of the Gypsies of Spain, and the Bossa Nova music of twentieth century Brazil.

There are, of course many other more exotic forms of acoustic guitar music but as we are trying to keep things simple in this article, we will just stick to the basic acoustic guitar styles. If you want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar for free, then it is almost easier done than said. There are lots of free guitar lessons on the internet and all basic lessons apply to the acoustic guitar. You will learn about chord families, strumming techniques, picking strokes, tuning your guitar and how to change the strings. For someone who is just going to be strumming chords, it is very important to get your guitar playing posture correct. If you think that because you are only an amateur guitar player you do not need to pay attention to how you hold the guitar, think again. Your posture governs how you look and feel when you are playing.

Even though you want to learn for free, many people who have gone through the experience of teaching themselves say that taking two or three months worth of guitar lessons at the beginning is much better than struggling with the basics by yourself. I have got to  say from my own personal experience that learning chords and how they fit together to make music is a great voyage of discovery which I am glad I took. Everybody is different, I guess.

So what is available for free on the internet for acoustic guitar students? Google is the place to start. Just do a search for free guitar lessons, or free guitar lessons with the name of your favorite music inserted somewhere. Google books has all the good books on learning acoustic guitar, and many of them have extensive previews. Your next stop should be Google video or YouTube for free video guitar lessons.

As you go through the free acoustic guitar lessons on the internet, remember to keep it simple. It can be tempting to get distracted by some interesting guitar lesson video that is outside your main area of interest, but as you are still learning, it is best to stick to the basics for now.

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