I Want To Buy An Electric Guitar. Where Do I Start?

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So you’ve wanted to be a rock star since you were a kid, (maybe you’re still a kid), and you’ve decided that to be a rock star you need to learn to play the electric guitar.

Problem is you really don’t know a lot about electric guitars, and if you’re going to buy one you need to learn a little more about them. A lot actually.

The best piece of advice is to buy yourself a cheap electric guitar. When you’re first learning it’s not essential that you own a hugely expensive model of electric guitar. It’s usually harder just to make it produce the sound you want it to produce, so you don’t need the best guitar.

Secondly, it’s important to start learning about the different types of electric guitar available. As you progress through the process of learning to play the guitar you will eventually need to trade up to a more expensive guitar, and if you know what sound it is you want to produce and which guitar is more likely to do that you’ll probably be happier with your choice. But remember, first all you need is a basic cheap electric guitar till you’ve learned how to play the basics.

The start to your journey learning about electric guitars is to learn what all the part of the guitar are. And what different options there are with each of the parts. This is a pretty complex subject to tackle and you can spend years learning all about what produces which type of sound from an electric guitar, but here’s a few basic terms,

The body of the guitar isn’t always the same. You can get solid bodied guitars, and hollow bodied, or even semi hollow. Each produces a different sound. There is usually a sound hole where the sound comes from and these can be in different places, depending on the style of guitar. Pickups catch the resonance of the strings and transmit them to the amplifier to enable it to produce the amplified sound.

The soundboard is timber and is mounted on the front of the guitar and helps amplify the sound.

The neck of the guitar is the long piece that holds the strings and has a series of frets along the neck, this can also be known as the fingerboard. At the top of the neck is the head of the guitar and this holds the tuning pegs which help in the tuning of the guitar by tightening or loosening the strings.

The strings can vary in number according to what type of guitar you play. A bass guitar can have as few as 4 strings whilst some guitars have up to 12 strings. Guitar strings can be made from a number of different materials.

That’s the very basics of electric guitars, and that’s only the first step in the process of learning about guitars and how to play them. The sound that you want to produce will require you to learn a lot about the way the sounds are produced, and you’ve got many years of learning in front of you if you’re serious about becoming a rock star, or even just an accomplished guitar player.

But remember the first bit of advice. It takes a long time to learn to play, and if you’re just starting out take your time, learn as you go, about how guitars work as well as how to play one, and start with a basic cheap electric guitar until you’ve attained a basic proficiency.

Then you can splash out on the electric guitar that only can make sing. Good luck.

By: Peter Clark

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