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Free online guitar lessons are a popular item at the moment. Maybe it’s a symptom of the post-Christmas period. There’s a whole other school of commencing guitar players out there who just received free guitars, and today they desire free online guitar lessons. If you possess no thoughts on how to begin to play your new guitar, you will be searching about the internet for info on what you will need to discover how to play your guitar. Maybe you’ve even paid a visit to your local guitar teacher, and not been smitten by their charisma and virtuosity. So now you’re back online, searching for free guitar lessons.

One of the problems for beginners is when you start looking at online guitar lessons the terminology can be a little scary. Learning what all the strings are called, finding out how many notes you have to learn. This is where online guitar lessons excel. On video sites like YouTube every facet of guitar playing is explained to you by experienced guitar players. The printed word does not give us information as effectively as someone looking at us from our computer screen and talking us through matters.

Umpteen sites on the internet have free guitar lessons for beginners. It’s just a matter of looking for them. Type in “free online guitar lessons” and you will be rewarded with numerous sites to explore. If you stay with the thought of getting your guitar lessons from YouTube, all you want to do is pick the lessons you most want and the lessons you most like and save them in your bookmarks. For instance, if you are a raw beginner, you will be looking for a video showing you how to tune your guitar, and maybe a lesson showing you how to change your guitar strings. If you are an electric guitar player you will want someone to show you how to set up your guitar.

As for actually learning how to play. If you don’t have any idea of the variety of songs you want to play, start with fooling around with some of the entertaining stuff you find on YouTube like power chords or fingerpicking. You will find plenty of lessons for these areas of guitar playing and seeing easy chords and fingerpicking patterns will set off your interest in guitar playing.

Even if you do find some free online guitar lessons, any beginner would be well advised to seek out his local guitar teacher and get a few examples from a live person. A teacher sitting in the same room as you are can see your mistakes and correct how you are picking or how you are holding the guitar. These are the basic things that you really should get right from the beginning. You could also look for lessons on HOW to practice and on PLANNING your daily practice. Most guitar players advise beginners to practice for shorter periods at first, with plenty of rests rather than slog it out for long, boring sessions.

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