Folk Guitar Songs and How They Help You Learn Guitar

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Sometimes trying to learn guitar is compared to learning a new language but this is really not true. You can’t start off learning a language with the shortest words or the funniest phrases but an easy way to learn guitar songs is by starting with the ones you most like and the songs with the simplest chords.

So what is the best way to get a collection of guitar songs to learn? There are plenty of books available for you to buy on line or at your local music store that contain anthologies of guitar songs belonging to a wide range of musical genres. The trick is to use your own tastes as a guide only – but not to make the final choice.

An anthology of folk songs containing numbers like Nine Hundred Miles, Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, Worried Man Blues, Little Boxes, Foggy Foggy Dew and Clementine may be too old fashioned for your musical tastes but the muscles responsible for changing chords aren’t going to know about that.

Collections of folk songs are compiled by guitar instructors who are following a plan of learning groups of chords over time using several songs. This enables a guitar student to get used to chord changes involving a definite number of chords before moving onto another group. For example the song This Land Is Your Land may not be one of your favorites but it’s a great way to learn the chords G, C and D.

If you start your collection of guitar songs with songs that you personally are fond of you may be making your progress as a guitar player more difficult than it needs to be. With a collection of easy folk guitar songs that have been chosen with the gradual introduction of the guitar to a student in mind, you have teaching material that will get you playing the songs you like in a short amount of time.

Using easy guitar songs in this way might diminish the enjoyment of learning the guitar a little but it won’t put unnecessary obstacles in your way. So you still get to have fun while you learn guitar without risking becoming disillusioned with yourself as potential guitar player.

If you can choose a collection of easy guitar songs, your learning experience will be much more enjoyable if you can then find on YouTube some free video clips of guitar players performing some of the songs you’ve chosen. Failing that you can look for audio of the songs to buy or borrow. Whatever you do is don’t belittle the collections of easy guitar songs that you see online or in the stores. They may not have lasting interest for you but they will help you to learn guitar.

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