Cheap Electric Guitars: Saving Room for Cheap Electric Guitar Gear

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Buying cheap electric guitars is a great way for beginning guitar players to save money, but you’ll need some other important accessories before you become the next guitar god.

Let’s be optimistic and assume you found a gem of a cheap electric guitar for a price within your means. Remember to keep some room in your budget for a few more items necessary to rock your block off.

The most expensive companion for any beginner guitar is an amplifier. Amps can cost just as much, or even more than the nicest guitars. You’ll need to roll up your sleeves and continue to dig for bargains in order to keep your guitar dreams from breaking your bank account.

You may be able to find a good deal on an electric guitar package that will include a cheap electric guitar and amp combo. Lots of music stores will offer combination deals like this for beginner guitar equipment. Do the math and see if this kind of purchase makes financial sense.

Once you’ve secured a good deal on an amp or guitar/amplifier combo there’s one more essential accessory left to buy. You’ll need a cable to connect the two. Such a simple thing it would seem, yet this is one item you shouldn’t cheap out on. Cheap electric guitar cables are likely made with poor quality and won’t last long at all. It’s best to spring for a top notch brand of guitar cable that won’t give you problems. Otherwise you’ll be back at the store in just a few weeks buying a better one.

Once you have your guitar, amp, and a cable to connect the two, you’ll be ready to rock. If you have a few extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket there are a few more items that will enhance your shredding experience.

You can probably persuade the person selling you the guitar to give you a pick or two, but you may want to buy some on your own. Guitar picks are cheap, but come in various levels of thickness. You should try out a few different versions to find the type that suits your style. There’s also a wide variety of novelty guitar picks that may have cool designs or might even glow in the dark.

Picks won’t cost you much so hopefully you still have a few spare bucks to buy a strap for your cheap electric guitar. A strap is not a necessity for a beginning player. You’ll find it easier to learn while sitting down. But there will come a time when you master your first riff and the urge to stand up and play like a pro will be irresistible. When you’re shopping for a strap be sure to try it on to see how it feels. You shouldn’t be concerned with looks; only comfort.

Hopefully you can acquire all these items within your budget. With some patience and a touch of bargain hunter savvy, you’ll have all the gear you need to rock out on a cheap electric guitar.

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