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Guitar lessons for those people just beginning in music are offered by quite a few websites. In fact many lessons are given for free. Guitar players who have already found some success as professional musicians and teachers design courses that give the basic necessities for learning theory and practice for the guitar. Most of these free beginning guitar lessons carry the personality of the guitarist who designed the course, so you could probably find a set of lessons that suits you after surfing around and getting a feel for what these guitar lessons offer.

Of course most beginning guitar players do not want to be guitar virtuosos. Maybe you are one of those people who go to social and family gatherings where somebody says, “Let’s sing a song” and somebody else says, “Yeah! Who can play the guitar?” So you think to yourself “Maybe I can learn to play the guitar”. Or maybe you just feel the basic human need to make a good impression on friends and acquaintances, and playing the guitar is an easy way to get people to notice you. If you are in this slice of the human race, a course of one-on-one guitar lessons might be too expensive and time consuming to consider, but online guitar lessons for beginners will fulfill your needs quite well.

Online guitar lessons are great for people whose job and social life take up too much time for them to consider investing extra time in travelling to and fro to take guitar lessons. The internet is ready to teach you how to play the guitar when you are ready to learn, and you can fit your practice time around your other commitments.

So if you are wondering what kind of knowledge is given away in these guitar lesson courses, here is what you can expect from your average guitar website:

Even strumming chords takes some skill and precision, so your guitar lessons should include information, and perhaps exercises, showing you how to hold the guitar without placing undue strain on your shoulders, arms and back. The very first lessons should show you how to hold your plectrum and tell you the names of the various parts of the guitar along with some explanation of their functions. Some simple chords and a song or two should round off your first couple of lessons.

Strumming patterns are the tools of the singer/guitar player and when you are beginning guitar lessons you will be shown a few basic strumming techniques and maybe some info on how to make up your own strums. The next step in your guitar course will contain stuff like the difference between major and minor chords and what the notes on the open strings on the guitar are called. By this time you will know how to read chord charts and you will be able to make up your mind about whether you want to learn to read music or tabs.

Beginning guitar is a big step for someone who has not learnt music before and it is important to keep in mind why you decided to learn the guitar in the first place. To have fun.

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