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The Internet can be a a fantastic supplement to learning guitar as there are countless websites like ours that offer advice on teaching yourself and the different things that you should know. If you are about to or are planning to learn the instrument then there are lots of things you will need to decide before you get start. One of the first things to decide is if you will be learning on a electric or acoustic guitar. Whilst the fundamentals will be the same such as the notes you learning they can be a very different experience and will certainly lead to you developing a different kind of sound depending on which you learn on.

If you decide that it is electric guitar you want to learn then you will be looking into electric guitar learning. You will need to get the equipment but you can get quite good deals on starter guitars with a practice amp and guitar lead. A lot of people try to dive straight into learning a style or genre of guitar music for example learning to play blues guitar for beginners but it is always important to learn the basics of guitar before this such as the basic chords and where you will find the notes on the guitar. This can all be done via guitar books and it is important to try and understand some of the theory that goes with it. If you are learning acoustic guitar there is also more chance that you may want to learn how to use your fingers to pluck the strings on the guitar rather than always using a plectrum as with an electric.

If it is a young child that is learning guitar then you may be looking for information on learning kids guitar – there are three-quarter size guitars available to make it easier for the child to reach, as some of the notes on a full size guitar may require slightly longer fingers than the child has.

General advice for learning guitar would be to practise as much as possible as it may take some time for you to grasp the basics but once you have you will find it can be quite quick to advance onto harder songs and faster guitar playing. There is no set way of learning it is all down to the individual and what you find easiest. Some people find a it a lot easier to learn with proper lessons and a tutor where as some people find it much easier to teach themselves and learn at their own rate controlling the level they learn at. To be a good guitarist you will also need to be learning guitar frets and tabs as most guitar music you will find on the Internet and in books is in tablature format. This can be tricky at first but there is advice on the Internet to try and help you remember the notes and fret placements.

You may have decided that guitar is not for you and consider learning the Bass guitar. When learning to play the bass, one of the first things you will notice is that it is only 4 strings and songs are more based on one note strumming rather than chords that are essential for guitar playing. Bass guitar is still difficult though especially if you are wanting to be a really good bassist.

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