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Whatever musical genre you are into, you will need to learn how to play chords. There are varying degrees of focus on learning chords. In rock, country and blues you can get away with learning a few chord shapes to play the I IV V chord progression in all the keys you need to play in. In classical guitar you learn to read written musical notation by starting with simple pieces of music. There is little or no separate learning of chords. In jazz you learn many different exotic chords in your quest for the ability to express yourself in all keys and modes.

The general idea for anyone starting an online guitar course is that you will be learning to play guitar chords as you progress through your guitar lessons. If you examine guitar theory you will see that learning about scales and the circle of fifths will give you an understanding of how chords are created. You will have the power to understand why chords sound good together and you will be able to make your own chords as and when you need them according to your understanding of music. You can let go of chord charts and make the music you play your own.

For beginners, chord charts are the way they get their introduction to playing music. No sheet music or tabs to learn, just get your head around the idea that chord charts are pictures of the guitar neck, and away you go. This is when reality can bite. Making chord shapes can be painful, and learning to make chord changes can be slow and discouraging. This is where repeated practice comes to the rescue like dude on a white horse. Practicing chord changes is the magical element that turns you into a guitar player instead of a guitar fan.

So let’s go online to find the tools to learn chords. The first step in learning guitar chords is to find some free guitar chord charts online. They are not hard to find. Then you will need to get tabs or sheet music for some songs that you enjoy. It is not a good idea to just learn chords without also learning some songs to use the chords in. That is just too boring. The next step is to watch videos on YouTube or a similar site where people have uploaded clips of themselves explaining how to play basic guitar chords. You will possibly be able to find someone teaching how to play your favorite song.

To learn to play chords you make use of your body’s talent for remembering movements. If you watch somebody in a sandwich shop or some other line of work that involves repeated small movements, you will see that they move very fast, just like a guitar player does. Typing is a good example. You learn the location of the letters, you get a basic understanding of how to hold you hands and arms. And then you type. You type until you do not have to think about where the letters are. Your body knows. This is referred to in guitar playing as “muscle memory”.

If you are learning to play guitar chords without the benefit of a teacher, then the idea of muscle memory is your friend. If you understand that you supply the time, say half an hour to two hours a day, practice time, then your body has the ability to learn how to make fast chord changes all by itself. You just need to give it time.

There is a degree of discomfort in learning guitar chords. Your left hand finger tips will hurt until you develop callouses, your back will complain about long hours of holding the guitar and your fingers are not enthusiastic at all about stretching to make chords and scales. Just remember that no matter what it looks like when you watch a professional guitar player at work, he had to go through what you are going through. And you can come out the other side playing chords, just like he can.

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