Which Guitar to buy Electric or Acoustic?

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supreme_champion7 asked:

i want to buy a guitar.i am very new to guitar. but don’t know difference between both. i mean, is it electic can’t produce sound like acoustic guitar and vice versa??
also tell me which acoustic/electric should i buy. give image if possible.

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  1. Orpheus G Says:

    There are also acoustic guitars that have electronics built into them like “Ovation” guitars. You can find out about them at “www.ovation.com” check them out, they are a little on the expensive side but not too bad and they are quality instruments.

  2. jannessa15 Says:

    learning how to play electric guitar is easier than learning how to play acoustic guitar. but acoustic guitar is more convenient.

  3. ehriikah Says:

    Personally I like acoustic guitars.
    Electric guitars require amps (which are expensive)
    But the decision is really up to you

  4. Slightly Dark Francis Says:

    Okay, there’s a lot to consider. Firstly, what kind of music do you want to play? How old are you? What is your budget? Do you wanna learn lead or rhythm?

    What kind of music – this is important because if you’re into RAWK, you’ll want to feel amped. You can stick a pick up on an acoustic, plug in and make some howlin’ noise (this is a bit of an indie thing…Black Francis from the Pixies uses an acoustic on a lot of songs and Pixies rock like mad). But if you’re a fan of metal or any of that stuff, you’ll want an electric. You CAN learn the basics on an electric.

    How old are you? I ask because if you’re a young’un, a huge guitar is going to be harder to learn. The key here is to buy something you’ll stick with and not have as a dusty relic in the corner of your bedroom.

    Budget – obviously, like most things, there’s a biiiiig price range to consider. Luckily though, these days you can get all manner of really practical and handy guitars for good prices. But you can spend up to thousands.

    Rhythm or lead – this is more if you get an acoustic. If you want to learn to play lead, I’d recommend getting a guitar with a ‘cutaway’, which bascially means a section of the body of the guitar is removed to allow you better access to higher notes. You also need to know whether you want a steel or nylon string. Nylon stringed (or ‘nun’, as I call ‘em) guitars have a beautiful sweet sound, but they are usually used for jazz or classical music and the fretboard is generally very wide.

    Here are a few tips for beginners…that first few months of playing is critical. You WILL sound like **** for a while. If you’ve never really played and you look at people who CAN play and wonder why it looks so easy for them to make music while you feel like you’re busting your fingers trying to get a clean note or chord, don’t worry. The more you do it, the stronger your fingers get, the tougher your fingertips get…if you’re practising and you get so frustrated you think you’re gonna burst, cool down for a bit, then get back into it.

    Use light gauge strings to start. They’re a little easier to push down onto the fretboard. Once you’re callused up, you can go heavier gauge if you want.

    Get a guitar with a reasonably low action. A guitar shop can help you with this. This means the strings are a little closer to the fretboard and again, not so hard to press down to make a note or chord. (One of the big mistakes I made when buying one of my first guitars – a black Gibson Explorer COPY from hell) was that the strings were about 3 miles up the road from the fretboard and I really hurt myself trying to play).

    Okay…here’s a list with links of a bunch of guitars:

    Maton acoustic/electric with cutaway (great guitar):

    The classic Gibson Les Paul:

    The Fender Stratocaster, probably the most famous shape for an electric guitar :http://www.stratcollector.com/images/namm/cs50th.gif

    The Gibson SG (made famous by AC/DC’s Angus Young):

    Old school beauty…a Gretsch:

    A lovely Rickenbacker (John Lennon’s):

    All of these are just shapes…unless you’ve got some $$$ they’ll sting you. But you can get really good copies for a fraction of the price. Good luck!

  5. Kirsty K Says:

    i think you should start off with acoustic.

  6. gowylde! Says:

    well if you want to spent the money go with gibson. i love mine more than any other one i have. u can c them in my profile

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