which guitar should i buy, acoustic or electric, if i want to make a rock band?

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dollfacex3 asked:

i wanna make a rock band but i dont know which guitar to buy both acoustic and electric interest me. i was thinking of buying acoustic since i see the band “the veronicas” using acoustic guitars, or maybe an electric guitar.
which one do you reccomend?

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  1. Julie Says:

    Whichever makes the sound you most enjoy playing, which is why people usually form bands in the first place.

  2. chessmaster1018 Says:

    First of all do you play the guitar yet ? If not I would suggest that you get an acoustic guitar, for beginners that is the way to go, electric doesn’t sound good until you know how to play it, and you didn’t say if you have played guitar before, this could take some time, it take months just to get the callouses that are required in order to play without pain. So take your time and learn how to play first before you talk about getting a band together, ok, bye !

  3. George D Says:

    If you want to rock, you need an electric guitar and a distortion pedal. Acoustic pieces of crap are useless unless you’re playing ballads. And in which case, someone still needs to be playing an electric guitar.

  4. treasure_trooper_rules Says:

    ok.. lets see

    i see in your pic there that your a girl

    i guess it really depends on what your band wants to do

    im 13 and i have a band

    i started playing guitar when i was 10. on the christmas of
    2004, i got an acoustic guitar, and i first learned to play guitar with that. if you are just learning, you should probably get an acoustic.

    right now, i have 4 guitars

    1 acoustic(yamaha)
    1 acoustic-electric (dean archtop performer)
    2 electric (epiphone jr les paul, and a squier strat)

    it also depends on the kind of songs your band will cover, and write

    i believe that you need to use an acoustic first, because it is harder to hold down the frets than on an electric, or an acoustic-electric guitar

    once you develop the finger strength, then buy an acoustic-electric, and it will be a lot less harder to hold down the strings. an acoustic electric is just that, you can play it without an amp, and with an amp.

    (only on Clean, no distortion unless you want to break the pickup! i did that once on my ovation acoustic electric, and that ended up getting trashed!)

    finally, when you really want to rock on, get an electric.

    try to find a package like this one

    that’s a great package for beginners, because you get
    everything you need to begin playing.

    the guitar, a case, an amp, a cable, a tuner, a strap, 3 guitar picks, and an instructional video, for only 200$

    that is suggesting you have a guitarcenter in your area.

    i will now recomend 3 guitars you can buy at guitarcenter online or at the store. they are all cheap in price, but great guitars.

    Epiphone PR-150 Acoustic Guitar
    Only 99 dollars for this beauty!

    Dean Performer Archtop Acoustic-Electric Guitar
    Only 199 dollars!

    Electric (Package)
    Epiphone Les Paul Special II player package
    Only 199 dollars!

    So after you buy all 3 guitars, it will cost you 500 dollars.

    But buy whichever one you like, I’m just suggesting

    Please mark it as best answer!!!

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