Where to buy a cheap acoustic guitar?

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yebrahh asked:

I really want to buy a guitar! But I don’t wanna pay alot for it, sense I don’t even know how to play it.

Also, please tell me stores in real life, not online. Because I don’t wanna buy one of ebay. I want it now:)


2 Responses to “Where to buy a cheap acoustic guitar?”

  1. foreveranactress Says:

    Look on craigslist.com it’s a great site. I’ve found many, many things that I’ve needed right then on that website. It’s easy, and all you have to do is email the person about what it is they are selling. It’s awesome, and craigslist.com has helped me a lot. I’m sure you could find a good guitar on there for a good price, they are on there all the time.

  2. JeffM Says:

    You should get an ibanez. They’re good quality and not that pricy. If i were u i would just go to guitarcenter or something.

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