Where can i buy an acoustic guitar?

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brandawg asked:

I Live in dodge county wisconsin, What is some were close to that i can buy a guitar(acoustic)

And if so can you give me a price range that you think they might be in

3 Responses to “Where can i buy an acoustic guitar?”

  1. Luky Says:

    A guitar store.

  2. Firestar Says:

    Instrumental Music

    Taylor Acoustic goes for about 1200 for normal

  3. puplove7 Says:

    OMG!!! I ♥ guitars, im going to get one, but its going to be electric =P im going to get mine at guitar center
    look through these:
    i hope they have a store around ur place =]
    the prices…?
    umm like the chepest is $89.99 and the highest… $31,999
    hope this helps =D

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