Where can I buy a Acoustic Guitar?

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bbyPandAx3 asked:

I’m 13 and I want to learn how to play a Acoustic Guitar. Where can I buy a Acoustic Guitar in San Diego & what is the best brand? + How much would it cost?

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  1. Levine Says:

    You have to buy one at a music store. You need to go down and play with it for several days. Make sure you like the feel, the fit and the sound before you purchase it.

  2. gtarczar Says:

    try your local music stores and ask the salesperson for some advice. Fender and Ibanez both make a beginner starter pak that consists of a good guitar, a gig bag, a strap, and a tuner for about $100. This is about the minimum you should spend for a new instrument, any less and you run the risk of getting an inferior instrument that may not play well. There are several other brands to chose from that offer good quality so shop around and ask lots of questions.
    Good luck!

  3. GIR ftw Says:

    just about anywhere

  4. Tannyff W Says:

    try your local music store. i got mine on sale for 100 dollars.

  5. Elleni U Says:

    Let’s check price Acoustic Guitar at Amazon.

    Hope this help.

    Good Luck.

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