What would be a good acoustic guitar to buy for?

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mean_dm asked:

I’ve played electric guitar for almost a year now, and I want to try out an acoustic guitar, I don’t want a starter pack thing, most of the guitars I’ve seen come from those are pretty crappy, all of the electric guitars that is…

So what’s a decent low-budget acoustic guitar to buy?

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  1. crosstwntraffic Says:

    The best acoustic guitar for the money, ( in my professional opinion) is a Samick. The Greg Bennett series are great. They are comparable to many guitars costing 2 to 3 as much. The average price of an acoustic-electric is $350 to $400. They set up good right out of the box, or “off the music store wall” as it were. I own 2 of them and recommend them to my students who play acoustic.

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