What kind of guitar should I buy? Acoustic or electric?

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moron.idiot asked:

i’m a beginner. i like linkin park songs which are rock songs.i need all of these questions answered if possible.

1) should i start out with electric guitar or acoustic guitar?
2) i heard that if you start with acoustic guitar, electric guitar will be easier. is that true?
3) should i buy one of those packages that come with everything?

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  1. hollar905 Says:

    I like Electric.

  2. BIG D Says:

    Acoustic for a beginner. I would not buy a package if i where u they usually made cheap. And it dont matter what what u start out with if u practice it will come.

  3. aiden Says:

    1. i started acoustic and worked my way up to an electric, but i would suggest starting with an acoustic. acoustic gives you a better all around feel for the instrument, and then moving on to an electric can help you refine your specific music likes.

    2. eh semi true. both guitars have the same general feel, but that is up to opinion. i think acoustic would be easier to start with because its easier on your fingers. if you will play and practice every day at first, expect blisters. starting with better worn and softer nylon strings or just thin strings, your fingers will thank you the beating they would receive if you went electric. let your callouses build.

    3. depends what package you are looking at. for beginners, its good just to have basically everything. and to have someone mentor you who knows what they are doing. you should have: tuner (chromatic and digital is convenient, but a pitch pipe works well only if you have the musical ear….if you cant hear the notes, it wont help you a bit), extra strings (breakage happens, dont feel bad), pick (i dont like them much, but you might), capo (you will need them for certain songs to change your pitch and key), and a string-re-attacher..thing. i dont know what they are called, but they help you wind up your new string when you put it on. its a godsend in comparison to winding the tuning peg by hand, much faster for quick on stage changes.

    thats pretty much it, lemme know if you need anything else, glad i could help!

  4. jwenting Says:

    1) acoustic is cheaper to start out with. It’s also easier to use as you don’t have to bother with settings on the guitar and amplifier (and those settings won’t mask your mistakes, making you think you’re better than you really are).
    2) true
    3) definitely not. The components in those packages are generally very poor quality. You should expect to spend more on both guitar and amplifier than the cost of such an entire package.

  5. Me N Says:

    I find an electric easier to start cause you can do power and barre chords more easily, can get to the 12th fret easily, and it won’t hurt your fingers as much. I play a bit of both and like acoustic better personally.

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