What is the best beginner acoustic guitar to buy?

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FunkyWhitePimp asked:

My aim is to learn the acoustic guitar and then move on to the bass guitar.
I was thinking about buying the Yamaha FG700 acoustic but then i was given advice saying that Yamaha is crap and the Johnson acoustic guitars are better and cheaper.
I want to make sure that when i finally buy my acoustic guitar, i don’t start wishing i bought a different one.

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  1. bassman Says:

    buy a cheap second hand nylon string for about 30 to 40 quid and see how you get on …goodluck

  2. Aly Bug Says:

    Yamaha IS serious crap. I don’t reccomend it to anyone. Johnson is good for starters. I mean everyone knows Gibson is the best but you shouldent go for something that big until you’re really good at playing guitar, a Gibson will last forever! (fyi Spector makes the best bass guitars but theyre very pricey)

  3. ~*India*~ Says:

    I have a Yamaha FD01 model acoustic and its wonderful! RECOMMEND!

  4. Aor S Says:

    Yamaha FG700 acoustic it wonderful for me.
    Check this list…=+Yamaha+FG700+acoustic+&x=5&y=23&tag=aor-sale-20
    I bought it about 6 months ago and played it almost everyday. I sometimes breng it to other places for rehearsal or performance. It’s never dissapointed me so far.
    Hope this help.

  5. Steven L Says:

    No matter what guitar you buy, you’re probably going to wish you’d bought a different one. It’s the nature of things.

    That said, I have zero experience with Johnson guitars (never heard of them). But I’ve played some good Samicks and Corts. Then there’s the low-end Epiphones and Squires (owned by Gibson and Fender, respectively). Of course, if you’d like to try something totally different, you may look at an Applause by Ovation — they have a round, Lycra back, which greatly changes the feel of them. Although a bit of warning: people generally either love or loathe round-back guitars; there’s very little middle-ground.

    The key is to play as many as you can lay your hands on and find out which guitar feels the most comfortable in your hands; if it’s not comfortable to play, then you’re never going to play it. Then eventually you can move up and get a Gibson, Taylor, or Martin (the real King of the Acoustic Guitar).

  6. John Says:

    Yeah, I agree with the advice against Yamaha. Terrible guitars. Johnson is okay, but let’s see if we can’t find you something better for a cheap price?

    Ibanez is an extremely reliable brand. Very famous. That is a $100 guitar pack, meaning it comes with anything you need – a case, strap, tuner, and (of course) the guitar.

    Takamine is very well known for their acoustic guitars. Ibanez, the previously mentioned guitar, is much more well known for electrics. The Takamine, however, exclusively makes acoustics, and is quite good at it. Jasmine is an entry-level Takamine, perfect for you.

  7. stratman687 Says:

    First of all what’s your price range? Secondly why start acoustic and then move to bass?

    But to be honest, the best way to determine which is the best guitar for YOU is just to go to a music store and try some. If you have a price range, play every single guitar in that price range and see what’s best. Don’t rush the process either or you may end up dissatisfied. It’s better than buying stuff off the internet that looks good and people have said sounds good…their tastes might be completely different than yours. I’ve been playing guitar for about 5 years now and i just barely got my first acoustic. I got a washburn d10sce for 400 bucks which is apparently the most popular acoustic guitar in the world…(i didn’t know that until after i bought it). I bought it because it has electronics, an eq, two input jacks, and a cutaway and is a solid top guitar. (solid tops generally sound less synthetic but again it’s all taste.)

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