What is the best acoustic guitar to buy someone – around the £200-£400 mark?

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lish.lash asked:

I’m buying my boyfriend an acoustic guitar for his 30th birthday (its a surprise). Rather than walking into the music store without a clue, does anyone have any suggestions as to the best guitars/makes around this price-mark?

He’s a beginner – can play a little, it will be mostly used to play at home with a few friends over.

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  1. Dave MacLeod Says:

    In terms of value for money and decent build quality, you won’t go too far wrong with Yamaha’s acoustics.


    Dave MacLeod

  2. Lester G Says:

    In that price range the best guitar you can buy is the Taylor 214.

    Good luck.

  3. iwas1ncthr Says:


    Well, I’m from the US but doing the conversion your about 35-50 dollars more expensive than us. In saying that one of the best known acoustic guitars for the money is the Washburn D-10S, check out

    This is known as the greatest starter accoustic guitar not only due to the brand name but the way that this particular guitar is built it mimics the 1937 Martin D-18 in every aspect except of coarse the tone woods. The bracing if you removed the tops from the two guitars are exact duplicats of one another right down to the purfling used to hold the sides, top and bottom together.

    The Washburn accoustic sells for about 270-330 usd but most places it goes for 299 usd wich puts it right in your ballpakr with money to spare. The link I gave you is a great place to order from but you may want to check out a local store in your area now that you know the name and model number of this guitar. I have been playing for about 25 years now and I build electric guitars myself. My opinion was formed on this from a master guitar luthier who taught me how to build guitars as well as the history of both companies and knowlage of tonewoods.

    The other guitar I am going to tell you about will have me put to death by some but this is about the best guitar fro the money. Esteban guitars are some of the best built accoustic guitars on the market right now period. I dont care what people say about them, I have played them and have seen the real factory that produces these guitars and they are second to none. One thing that bothers me is that by the time they are don putting these together they literally have a guitar with about $300 usd worth of tonewoods in it. I have no idea how in the world they manage to sell these so cheap and offer what is only found on guitars costing 1500-2500 dollars each. Here is the link incase you want to check it out.
    Like I said, these IMO are some of the greatest guitars on the market for the price and they include a whole bunch of freebee’s such as a second set of strings, books, cd’s teaching guitar, case, stand, tunner ect. These guitars have a spruce top and linden wood back and sides. The materials alone for this guitar are about 300 usd so unless they have there own trees that they build these out of, I have no idea how you get everything they offer in one package for the price. His site has the “firworks” model right now for 300usd. it comes in a 30 piece package with a ton of stuff and as I said, is IMO the best deal out there and sound wise is better than the Washburn D10. Dont be fooled by the fact that he sells his guitars on QVC shopping network. Esteban stayed away from the regular guitar shop dealers due to the overhead and price increase on his instruments. If Eseban had signed a contract to lets say musiciansfriend, the cost would have to be around $900. He wanted the younger crowd as well as the professionals to have an affordable professional version guitar without bracking your wallet. I personally do not care for Esebans style of playing and I do not own any of his music however, he playes the very same guitars that he sells to he public in all of his tours to this day. Someone who is at the professional gauge that he is can not get away with playing cheap crap infront of thousands of people so that kind of speaks for itself.

    Good luck on your search and i hope this helps you. They 2 guitars i talked about are the best for the money and as I said, this is just an opinion s there is no 2 people who are going to agree on the same exact guitars.

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