What is a good beginner acoustic guitar to buy?

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snicks asked:

Should I buy the guitar kit with DvD’s included and strap and such. oR BUY A BETTER GUITAR AND ALL THE OTHER items seperately? This will be a birthday present for my 14 yr old son who has started last year on an electric but lost interest, says he would rather try an acoustic. I would say 500. would be the higher end of what I would spend. Your experienced input much appreciated.

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  1. samtay6 Says:

    Personally, I started on one of those DVD pack deals but I found myself gravitating more towards another acoustic that used to be my Fathers, because the DVD pack guitars are generally cheaper to accommodate the extras and therefore are extremely hard to play, especially for a beginner.

    My suggestion is buy a used acoustic of craigslist, not ebay because you need to check it out and make sure everything is kosher, because you can usually get a good quality for dirt cheap. Then visit like a Guitar Center and buy either a comprehensive DVD of “How to Play Guitar” or buy a DVD and Songbook to one of his favorite bands that plays simple music.

    I think new guitars are very overhyped. Buy a good one used and it’ll get a lot more playing time than a new one that costs the same but plays much worse.

    If you can an Ovation is very similar feel-wise to an electric but is acoustic and often acoustic-electric. An Ovation is probably the easiest to play acoustic, which is a big part of learning to play.

  2. Christian S Says:

    When buying a guitar, like anything else, you get what you pay for. But lets be honest, most people who start off playing guitar give up within a few months, and the guitar player just ends up a few hundred dollars poorer. When buying a guitar, buy something cheap, but easy to play.

    The best acoustic guitar for a beginner is an inexpensive Yamaha FG700s. This is a cheap guitar that is very easy to play, and it looks and sounds great. This is hands down the best choice for a newbie guitarist. Another option would be an Takamine G-340 guitar. You can find both for around $200. But do not buy that Esteban guitar it is very badly made even by cheap guitar standards.

    So hold off on buying a $500 guitar until you are sure that playing the guitar is something he is going to stick with. You already lost money on the electric guitar don’t make the same mistake twice.

    With regards to buying a kit or the accessories individually. I wouldn’t buy the kit the accessories included are throw aways and you are better off buy a little better guitar for almost the same price. You can buy the accessories later when needed, which you will end up doing later anyway becuase the ones that come in the kit are garbage. And then have your son use You Tube and Google to search for free lessons before spending money on DVD lessons. There are a ton of free lesson out there. That is what I did when I first started learning and then when I needed more instruction and wanted to move ahead in my playing did I start buying DVD’s and paying for Online Lessons.

    Just my 2 cents…..

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