What is a good acoustic guitar to buy?

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Jenna asked:

I’m looking to buy and acoustic guitar and teach myself, nothing too serious; just for fun.

I don’t want to spend over 200$ before tax. what is the best brand to buy, what makes it so good?

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  1. pwittyfwower3 Says:

    I wouldn’t start with an acoustic guitar if I were you… But have you checked out ?? I’m not sure what some of the good brands are for acoustics though, sorry I couldn’t fully answer your question.

  2. Hardcore_fan Says:

    For the price… Fender, Mitchell, and Lucero.

    The sound is nice. They last pretty long too.

  3. Ordo Ad Chao Says:

    It’s a good beiginngers acoustic guitar. An electric acoustic would be beyond your budget. Reason why i like this acoustic is that it has a cutaway which enables you to reach the upper frets easily.

    Quality is unbeatable for it’s price. The perfect acoustic to start out with. Takamine is known for that.

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