What gauge guitar strings should I buy for my Epiphone DR-90 Acoustic Guitar?

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gutierrez2085@sbcglobal.net asked:

I’ve read many times that for beginners light gauge strings are better, but I’ve also read that some gauge guitar strings may not be “compatible” with certain guitars. I don’t want to buy guitar strings that aren’t going to work on my guitar. Can someone please help clarify this for me? I don’t know where else to turn.

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  1. Rob Says:

    I’ve never heard that before, especially with the fact that the dr-90 is a beginners guitar, just pick up some good strings, I’d say that you should pick up some Elixers, they have always been my favourites, especially the nano-webs.

  2. spikeangelpunk Says:

    as long as you buy acoustic strings, any gauge will work. if you are beginner i’d suggest light, light-medium or medium gauge. and you don’t have to buy expensive ones either. i started with martins on my epiphone. you can also try gibson strings as well. good luck!

  3. Josue S Says:

    To tell you the truth, the nuts and bolts of a guitar are made to handle anything. as with the one you have purchased, you can put any gauge on it. it is of a cheaper model, and so i expect any strings to become out of tune in less than 2 weeks, but dont ‘FRET’ go out and try different gauges!!!!! the bigger the number the harder they are, so if your a beginner, you dont have callouses on your fingertips so start out light and go from there and in the end youll decide what is best for you.

    HEAVY GAUGES= theres more BASS in your notes to put it simple

  4. monkeypug2000 Says:

    .010 are the best way to go. Anything heavier you will need to adjust the intonation, truss rod etc. Lighter strings are ok to use but don’t ring as clear as .010’s. It’s a matter of preference while keeping in mind your intonation can be greatly affected by too light or too heavy a guage.

  5. Joe F Says:

    well…compatible and adequate are two different things..especially for a beginner…I’d go with maybe a medium gauge Elixer(merely because Elixers usually last a little longer than some other strings)..then once you get some playing under your belt, experiment!…Til you find the ones that sound the best for YOU and the Guitar!..

  6. Cami F Says:

    Honestly, don’t get elixirs, they are great strings but they cost a bundle and if you don’t know what gauge to get (we all didn’t at some point), your not going to notice the difference in sound or feel. Ernie Ball earthwoods are cheap and reliable and are going to work well for you. Grab a set of lights and as you get more experience under your belt, branch out and try different things. Just my opinion.

  7. rahmer81 Says:

    my general rule of thumb…go with cheap strings because you won’t be able to tell the difference if you’re a beginner anyway. i mean, i’v been playing for 5 years and i’m only starting to develop a keen ear for quality…after you’ve gone through a few sets of strings you will figure out what you like……..as for what gauge, i say it depends on what your playing. if you are playing strictly chord songs, go with some mediums or medium lights. they will give you a fuller sound (but are harder to play). if you are going to try to learn more picking songs or classical you may want to go with lights or super lights because they are easier to get sound out of………..personally, i would urge you to go with the mediums or medium lights because although they are harder to play at first, they will strengthen your fingers which will help you develop faster. good luck and stick with it, it is a fun and rewarding hobby.

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