What brand of acoustic guitar would be best to buy?

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tearsofcyanidexx asked:

I’m thinking of buying my first acoustic guitar, next weekend and I”m not really sure what to buy. I’ve been playing guitar for many years, but only electric. So I’m real excited about getting an acoustic. My spending limit is only 400, so I probably just limited myself to nothing great, but any feedback would be great. I was thinking about either a Fender or Ibanez, but I’m not sure!


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  1. JCS Says:

    Don’t get Fender or Ibanez. They’re good with their electrics but their acoustics don’t stack up. Yamaha, Washburn, Alvarez or Seagull are probably the best brands in your price range.

  2. Alin Says:

    I think Fender or Ibanez are alright. However, if you think about other brands, go to a guitar shop and test many guitars. You’ll find your instrument after all ;)

  3. scumbaghack@ymail.com Says:

    Thumbsup to J, I have always been very impressed by Alvarez. I had a $500 budget and played at least 20 guitars in that range but I ended up going with a $200 Alvarez because it played better then 95% of the $500 gutiars I played.

  4. samtay6 Says:

    This probably isn’t the coolest answer but honestly I’ve had more luck with Pawn store prizes than anything. Do a little research and know what to look for in a good acoustic and you can find an almost brand new guitar for way cheap at any good pawn shop. If you can, try to haggle with the employee too. They usually entertain any reasonable offers.

    Just make sure to look for the obvious warped or bowed necks, body cracks, sharp frets, and string buzzes.

    happy hunting!

  5. guitar fanatic Says:

    You have to go to your local guitar center or another music store and try it out. If you don’t, how are you going to now that you would like what someone else likes too?

  6. Jesse Says:

    I have been playing guitar for about six years now. I have three acoustic guitars. One is an ibanez. One is a gibson. And one is a taylor.
    Out of all three the taylor has served to be the best.
    Taylors are famous for their acoustic sound.
    I have played it at numerous gigs and it has always pulled through.
    Taylors can be hard to find cheap.
    I got mine ( Taylor 110 ) for around $600 on sale.
    But if you can find a good priced one then i can promise you, you will NOT be dissapointed.
    I would recomend the Taylor to any guitarist.

  7. Buster Friskers Says:

    You CAN get something great! Check out the Blueridge BR-43, a copy of a Martin 000. Plays and sounds just like the real thing and it costs under $400.

    Google “Blueridge BR-43″ for places to buy it, or search YouTube for more videos of people playing it.

    I own a Blueridge and it’s a joy to own and play.

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