The History of the Electric Guitar

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The actual date and time of the invention of the electric guitar hasn’t ever been recognized, although it was first seen in the early 1930’s by members of orchestras and musicians. The inventors of the electric guitar at that time, who were electronically minded individuals, realized that the guitar needed to be amplified to produce louder sounds in noisy venues and to be able to be heard alongside other instruments.

The reason for this of course was due to the fact that at the time, many of the musical instruments at that time were often made of brass. With this being the case, acoustic guitars would simply not be heard in a band. This frustrated many of the musicians, because the guitar was a popular instrument and was simply being pushed out of the music place.

The version of the instrument that is best known today is the solid body electric guitar, a guitar made of solid wood, without resonating airspaces within it. The electric guitar of this type has an innovation of technology which includes a pickup of some kind that actually causes the vibration from the strings being played to sound through some kind of amplifier. Obviously, the amplifier for the electric guitar was also an issue and the earliest of these often had tubes as televisions did during that time period.

Electric guitars in history have been rather heavy due to the inner components. Over the past few decades the electric guitar has been getting lighter and lighter. The electric guitar and the components are essentially made out of not only lighter wood, but the actual pickup is smaller. This allows for a bigger sound. In fact, some of these electric guitars are even becoming digital in many different aspects of the overall design of the electric guitar.

There are many web sites dedicated to the concept of the electric guitar, and those that are sold today are reasonable and affordable. It is for this reason that so many individuals today are learning to play the electric guitar more. According to statistics the number of those individuals who play the electric guitar has increased tremendously over the past decade alone. With the history of the electric guitar so long ago, the design of the body of the electric guitar has changed too. There are many different colors for the electric guitar now.

There are also those that are considered cut-outs. Cut-outs are those electric style guitars that literally have portions of the body removed for appearance. Depending on where or what type of music the guitar is going to play will usually vary in the appearance and color of the electric guitar.

Electric guitars are found in most bands today. From classical music, rock music and other styles, to ultimately country music that often used acoustic guitars in times past. Many of the electric guitars now also have add-ons or pedals for the guitar that can essentially make the electric guitar sound like any instrument. This is a big advancement from the 1930’s when the entire idea of an electric guitar was simply so it could be heard among the other instruments in a band.

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