Should I buy my acoustic guitar NEW or USED?

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SeafoamGreenSG asked:

I played a used $300 acoustic guitar ( that was $400 new apparently ) and I liked the sound of it a lot. It seemed to be in really good condition and I didn’t notice anything wrong with it. There is also a $300 new acoustic guitar, but the used one sounds a little better IMO. Should I purchase the used one or the new one?thanks

3 Responses to “Should I buy my acoustic guitar NEW or USED?”

  1. Alesana's Fan Says:

    the old one is better because when someone use it first they fix it and make the sound better

  2. Kyle P Says:

    used. why pay the extra cash for a guitar that is already broken in and has been refurbished?

  3. Laurent Says:

    You can find a lot of good guitar used, if the precedent owner takes good care of the guitar, you just have to change maybe soon the strings and clean the fret.
    Don’t hesitate to buy an used one, just check out if there is no problem !

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