Should I buy an Acoustic guitar?

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Ni Naiz! asked:

I have been playing a 7 string electric guitar for quite some time and Im just wondering if i should buy an acoustic because I REAL:LY want to become a professional at my playing. So would buying an acoustic guitar be relevent?

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  1. milkcartons Says:

    you already have an electric you should mosdef get a acoustic, playing both guitars can get you extra points :)

  2. Katie S Says:


    its always god to be wel rounded

    I have both

  3. ladytoken Says:

    That depends on what you want to be a pro at? If you’re already a pro at electric and ready to try something new then buy an acoustic. If you’re just going to be playing electric then don’t bother with an acoustic. I’m just starting on an acoustic and then I’m planning on getting an electric when I get good.

  4. nickelrustler Says:


    Acoustic is a great sound and I always buy acoustic versions of my fav. bands

  5. theycallmejosh Says:

    Yes. I think its a whole new dimension of playing. Personally I like acoustic better, maybe because my electric guitar is really cheap-sounding. But if you want to go pro then it will open up some new possibilities.

  6. Hillary B Says:

    My fiance plays guitar and he had only played an electric for a long time but he wasn’t happy with the unplugged sound so i recommended an acoustic and he really likes it. it not only helps him learn songs better but it adds you your musical stylings

  7. cierra.lovely Says:

    YES! i loooooooove the acoustic guitar. my friends and i think it’s sounds so **** and nice.

  8. A&Fshawty Says:

    Usually people do it the other way around and buy an acoustic guitar first, but either way having both guitars is a good experience. They both have a different sound to them and learning different songs and learning the difference between them always increases your views as a player..but thats just my opinion.

  9. chessmaster1018 Says:

    Why not…..that’s what I tell all my students to start out with…….I teach classical and acoustic……I love them both. I’ve never seen a seven string guitar, Why not buy an acoustic and play both…..if you want to become a pro the more you know the more valuable you are as a player !!!!!!!

  10. dood Says:

    yeah, cuz its easier to carry around then an electric guitar, an amp, and all the cords. you could play it anywhere instead of having to plug it in

  11. DAVE B. Says:

    why not get a acoustic with a pickup on it that way you have both at all times!!

  12. tennisbabe2013 Says:

    In contrast to the electric guitar, the acoustic is a great instrument to jam with others, learn songs on your own, and play and sing at parties if you want. You get more gratification on your own and faster when learning acoustic guitar. Acoustics allow you to play without the use of an amplifier, meaning you can play anywhere. its better to be able to do more. Also gives u greater bragging rights.

  13. V4zCeNt Says:

    Acoustics are great. It’s especially nice if you manage to throw a pickup on one, haha. I generally play songs on the guitar they were meant for (acoustic/electric), but if I’m just playing on my own it all depends. I almost always fingerpick on acoustic, shred on electric, but I play mellow stuff on both. You pretty much need at least one of each (and probably a dozen more electrics for the collection haha).

  14. leftie1959 Says:

    The instrument won’t make you play guitar. Play the guitar according to what sound appeals to you. And to get extra points for playing an acoustic guitar is ridiculous. It’s like saying that I will get more point because i can drive a 4-cylinder car vs an 8 cylinder. You are either good or bad.

    I play 95% electric and make my living with it.

  15. Dan Wagner Says:

    I’m going to go with absolutely not. That is the wrong reason to get an acoustic. I am straight acoustic myself, but that is because I am in love with the sound of it and it is my preference. I like electric guitars fine, but 0 interest in playing one.

    Professional simply means paid. You are paid to do something. I think you mean expert, and you can become expert in electric guitar or acoustic… both even. Hell, banjo and mandolin for that matter.

    But the only justification for learning any of these things are interest and passion. If you are not drawn to it, don’t waste your money on a beautiful instrument which will turn out to be a dust gathering ornament. Good acoustic guitars are not cheap. Get some really hot pickups instead if your drive and passion is electric.

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