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Many of beginner guitar players choose acoustic guitar as their first instrument. That is, is many ways, a wise choice. You don’t have to buy additional accessories to make the guitar sound louder , and acoustic guitar also weights less than electric guitar.

Playing acoustic guitar is different than playing electric guitar. Let’s take a look at these differences.

The first and main difference is the body. Acoustic guitars has a hollow bodies, and they’re projecting sound only with acoustic methods. That’s different from electric guitar, who has pickups and need amplifier in order to make it sound loud. The neck and scale also is different. Usually acoustic guitar’s scale is shorter than electric guitar’s scale , making it harder to reach higher notes. The neck is usually fatter than electric guitar’s neck.

The difference is also in strings. The are strings that are made and should be used only on acoustic guitar in order to maintain the guitar’s sound quality. Unfortunately not all people realize it, so they make mistakes such as putting electric guitar’s strings on acoustic guitar. That’s not right and can ruin your sound and even guitar. One of the biggest mistakes is to put an electric guitar’s strings on a classical guitar (acoustic guitar with nylon strings) , which requires specific strings. Doing it you can even brake your instrument.

To sum this all up I can say that acoustic guitars has much wider variety than electric guitars, so there’s a greater chance that you will purchase the right instrument.


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