Is it advisable to buy a 2nd acoustic guitar for $88?

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rasboi asked:

Is it advisable to buy a 2nd acoustic guitar for $88. I wanna buy a acoustic guitar . They have a 2nd hand guitar for sale at a 2nd shop for $88 . It is in good condition.

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  1. Jack Attack ~ معاذ Says:

    That’s actually a really good price. Most good guitars will run you from $400 and up. Ask them if you can strum it a little to see how it sounds. If you think it’s good, then go for it.

  2. SG Says:

    i dont know man.
    it could be a really crappy brand and sound terrible.
    i’d recommend double checking that.

  3. guitarpicker56 Says:

    I agree with Jack Attack’s answer. Get the guitar, but, first, play it some to see how the tone, action, and projection suits you.

    You could use the guitar as a run-around instrument to places most suitable, such as camp-outs, solitude for yourself under a tree, and so forth.

  4. Left-T Says:

    Believe it or not, I bought a second hand Fender STratocaster 20 years ago for $125 . The person needed money. Post the name or brand and I can tell you or other can tell you.

    If the guitar sells brand new for $150, obviously, not a good deal but if the guitar sells $300 brand new, than grab it. Simple. As long as you are comfortable and it play nice and has a good action.

  5. TruBlu75 Says:

    Guitars for that price are usually not very good. ( won’t tune up, frets are of pitch etc.) But if this is your first guitar, whats the harm. It’ll probably be good enough to learn a few things on. I always advise first timers to get a cheapo at first. Because when you learn on a cheapo, you really appreciate a good guitar once you get good enough to play one. And if you find you dont have the patience or time to learn ( it takes alot of both and most dont have either) Then you’re not out much $. Thats a pretty good price for any guitar regardless of condition or brand. My advice is this. Go check it out. They’ll let you try it out before buying . And if you like it buy it. If you like the guitar even with all its faults (and it may have many). There are shops that can give the guitar a makeover (so to speak) and fix its faults.


    it’s not advisable if you don’t know what your looking at, Oh look a “68″ Fender Strat for $100 dollars, too bad it was under water during hurricane Katrina for a week and is now complete junk. however it did make a great wall decoration for my friends local restaurant at that price, unfortunately it was unplayable. Savy?

  7. Soul Boogers Says:

    Well, ask to try it out a little, and if they say no, then don’t buy it, and if it’s decent for the price then definitely. Most guitars go for at least $400

  8. HydrogenPeroxideHair Says:

    it’s probably a crap one. You’re better off buying something like an Alvarez for an acoustic guitar.

  9. Razordance Says:

    Pretty difficult to say without knowing what it is… If it were a new guitar, I’d say stay away, but used, it could be anything. If you can post at least a brand, and preferably a model, that would help a lot. I picked up a nice 80’s solid top Suzuki as a beater for $40…

  10. mixter Says:

    Yes if it’s a decent brand, in good playable condition. You can always use it as a beater guitar, or keep it in an alternate tuning. I’ve gotten some great deals at pawn and second hand shops, but always play it first, give it a thorough looking over, scratches, small dents, and mars in the finish won’t affect sound, or playability, but cracks in the wood, or noticeable repairs to the neck and headstock should be avoided.

  11. Metal man Says:

    If you really like the sound that it brings out, then buy it. It’s a really great price. I have played through many cheap acoustic guitars and they turned out to be some of the best sounding guitars I have honestly ever heard. I would recommend playing it first and then decide on whether buying or not. The reason why most people would believe small brand guitars **** is because of the fact that it’s not made up of expensive parts. Although the more money you invest in a guitar will guarantee a better sounding guitar, I still believe that no matter what the cost is, if it sounds good, buy it.

  12. hollyoldschool Says:

    It depends on the brand and the condition. Research the brand and find out what kind of quality is, then inspect the guitar for any sort of obvious dents and stuff that could affect the sound. Sometimes you can find a good deal because the secondhand store doesn’t know much about guitars- I found a 12 string Ventura for $45 once and there was nothing wrong with it at all. It was a good deal.

  13. RyanM Says:

    sounds like a good price if its a good guitar that is

  14. J K Says:

    Do you know what brand or model it is? Research it online.

    If you’re still not sure then play it our for yourself and see if it’s right for you.

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