Is $100 enough to buy an acoustic guitar for beginners?

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i_love_ice_cream_! asked:

With decent quality. I don’t have much experience with guitars. I learned a couple tunes with the electric my brother bought once but I like acoustic more. So is $100 enough, for a normal sized guitar?

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  1. SkylordRic Says:

    Yeah, a couple of years ago I bought my Nephew an acoustic from Target that came with an instructional DVD and strap and picks. I think it ran about $90.

  2. Andrea S Says:

    you can get a guitar for a hundred dollars that has decent sound to learn on. The trouble you will usually run into with any guitar under say $300 is that they may not hold a tune for very long. My first guitar was in the hundred dollar range and held a tune for maybe a week. That’s a pretty extreme case, but there it is. Also, if your used to electric moving to acoustic you will discover the acoustic is harder on your fingertips when making chords. There is a company that modifies Martin guitars (great quality instruments) to be easier to play so you can get more practice time in before you think your fingers are exploding. The website for the company is
    They start around $400 but it’s worth it.

  3. violentskies13 Says:

    I think it would be. Go to a music instrument store and tell them you want a guitar for a beginner. Make sure it has nylon strings as starting of with steel might be too much for your brother’s hands. Or there is the Target/Wal-mart type option. I never bought an acoustic there. In high school my mom took me to a local shop and we got my first guitar for $100 or less. You could search if any friends/family have an old guitar laying around or a yard sale. Just make sure the body is not cracked, the neck is not warped, etc.

  4. Rachel_S165 Says:

    Well, you can either buy a new guitar for $100…..or you can buy a guitar with decent quality. I’ve never seen a $100 guitar that I would describe as a “quality” instrument. For that price point, you’re getting the lowest quality of materials, slapped together in a factory in China and packaged for shipment to the U.S. with NO setup or adjustment, then unpacked and put on Wal-Mart or Target or Best Buy’s store shelves as-is, with no set up or adjustment, and sold by sales people who know nothing whatsoever about guitars.

    The sound quality is likely to be very poor, the strings will be way too high up off the fingerboard so that playing the guitar will be like pressing your fingers against a cheese grater; the tuning machines will likely slip so that the guitar doesn’t stay in tune, and there’s no guarantee that the neck will be straight.

    You MAY be able to find a playable used guitar on Ebay or Craisgslist or in a pawn shop for $100 if you shop carefully, but IMO you should stay well away from the GSO’s at the mass-market retailers like Wal-Mart or Target.

  5. mfg Says:

    I got a really nice Squier pack for that (plus tax) from Guitar Center. It’s been great, I practically never have to tune it and it has a great sound.

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