How do i know which string to buy for my acoustic guitar?

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kassy:) asked:

i bought an acoustic guitar and one of the strings broke off the string that broke off was located where string letter is D would be. If it helps the brand of the guitar is protocol. How do i know what strings to buy my guitar to replace the broken one? Please help im new to this!
um lol sorry i wanted to ask what stroe wud be the best to go to?

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  1. i'm bo yo Says:

    The brand of guitar doesn’t really affect which strings to get. Just go to your local instrument shop, and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

  2. roont Says:

    bring it into the music store. not only will the guy give you the right string, he might string it for you too.

  3. theonlyken Says:

    If you’ve been using the same strings for a while, or bought the guitar with these strings on it, you might as well replace the whole set. It’s not expensive. Any guitar store will stock them. Just tell them they are for an acoustic guitar and that you are new to playing so you don’t want heavy gauge strings – light gauge strings are easier to push down onto the fret. You could ask them to re-string it for you, although they might charge extra for that.

    Alternatively, once you’ve bough the strings, go to YouTube and search for ‘replace guitar strings’ you’ll find lots of videos showing you how to replace the strings. It’s worthwhile learning how to do it yourself.

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