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There are many things that you may want to know if you want to start learning acoustic guitar. In this article, we gathered some of the most frequently asked questions on acoustic guitar. They can help you to make the decision if you should continue your desire to learn it or you should go for other direction.

What are the good points of acoustic guitar?

It is one of the simple available instruments that you can use in this modern day. You don’t have to use electricity to run it. Unlike many other music instruments, guitar gives you enough range of notes to play, up to several octaves. So, you can play wide range of songs without any difficulty. The price of acoustic guitar is not so expensive so everyone should be able to afford one.

Is it difficult to learn and how long should I practice until I can play the first song?

All the music learning takes time and effort. It is not easier or more difficult that any other instruments. The success of guitar learning depends on your time and your commitment to practice it. There is no rule how soon you can play. But if you put yourself one hour a day practice, you may be able to play your first song within a week or two.

Where should I learn how to play acoustic guitar?

The best thing is to find a decent guitar tutor for your self. However, not everyone can do it. You can study from the book which I do not really recommend. The success rate is rather low for that. You can also go to music school and learn there. Again that will be costly to some. Alternatively, you can buy the online acoustic guitar program. There are many available with reasonable prices. Select the one you like the most and start from there.

What are the different between acoustic guitar and electric guitar?

There are many different features and benefits between both items. To make it short, electric guitar requires the electricity and is made for playing to the public. It can be connected to the amplifier and you can adjust the volume and the quality of the sound. Acoustic guitar is similar to violin on the point that it does not require anything like that. You can just play it without anything else. You can use one acoustic guitar and perform on your own impressively. The sound quality depends on the materials used for making the acoustic guitar.

There are many questions about acoustic guitar. This article gives you some of those questions and come with the answers to them.

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