Easy Songs On The Acoustic Guitar: Learn How To Play

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Sophia MUNOZ posted:

There is something deliciously special about playing acoustic guitar songs. If you try you will see. Just try to hold one and you will experience something special. Have you ever dreamed of being the one holding the guitar around the campfire and playing that song everyone is singing? You can be that person too. Just give it a go and you will see how magic and powerful it is to play the acoustic guitar. Having a dozen people around you at the beach on a full moon being mesmerized by the lyrical power of the musical notes you are playing on the acoustic guitar, is something you cannot put into words if you have not experienced it.

Most people who are drawn to acoustic guitars, but who have never played guitar, are a little star-struck by them. They sometimes believe that the guitar is much more than what it is. Being able to produce music seems like magic in a way. Music is such a powerful, universal language that it can be overwhelming to think that you could make that happen. Feeling this way can make people feel skittish with an acoustic guitar and treat it too gingerly.

If you have never tried playing acoustic guitar before, you can be somewhat impressed by its majesty. However, keep something simple in mind: learning how to play acoustic guitar is like learning a new language: it is definitely hard at the beginning, each step requiring time and dedication, but it is definitely achievable. Little by little you are gaining more confidence and the acoustic guitar will quite naturally become an extension of your hands, musical notes flowing right through it like words flowing through a poet.

Acoustic guitars were created to be played. There are a lot of easy songs you can start playing on your acoustic guitar even though you are beginner. Some people think that the best acoustic guitar songs are the ones that are easy to remember, others think that they are the ones that are easy to play. I personally think that you need a combination of both. Here are some of my favorite acoustic guitar songs for beginners:

Riders on the Storm by the Doors

Happy Christmas by John Lennon

Tangled Up in Blue by Bob Dylan

Sitting on the dock of the bay by Otis Redding

There are a myriad of other songs you can play from John Taylor, The Eagles Joni Mitchell or Jewell. Playing the acoustic guitar is magic: give in to your temptation and take the step today!

You will never regret it.

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  1. Acoustic Guitar Says:

    Songs of THE BREAD are good guitar pieces (Lost Without Your Love, Aubrey, If, It Don’t Matter To Me, Make It With You, Diary…I can go on and on and on). Some are good for beginners, and some are for advanced guitar players (as some songs require plucking, not just strumming)

    And oh, John Taylor is my hero, and I know it’s still gonna take some time before I become half as good as him. :-)

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