do you have to start out with an acoustic guitar before you buy an electric guitar?

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kyle asked:

I want to buy a guitar but I want to buy an electric guitar can I start off with an electric guitar or should I buy an acoustic guitar first

9 Responses to “do you have to start out with an acoustic guitar before you buy an electric guitar?”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    no it depends on what you want to do

  2. marco b Says: depends on the music you wanna play..if you wana play rock n roll get an electric guitar..if you want to play other kinds of music i would say go for the acoustic

  3. Sabina D Says:

    No you don’t have to..I personally think it’s easier to play the electric guitar, but I also started with an acoustic one =)

  4. drewmanchu Says:

    you don’t have to do anything…
    but i’d recommend learning on an acoustic! it will help increase your dexterity and finger strength. and practicing on an electric will drive your neighbors nuts! learn to play an acoustic well, and you will shine when you play an electric.
    but, do what you want…

  5. prufock Says:

    No, you don’t have to. The upshot of starting on an acoustic guitar is that you don’t have to buy an amplifier, and that will save you some money.

  6. Zach C Says:

    a lot of people say it is, but it’s not. a guitar is a guitar electric or acoustic. however with the electric it might be hard at first to learn all the effects you can do with an electric. but generally they are the same.

  7. vocals013 Says:

    No – as everyone else said, it depends on the type of music you want to play. If you want to play acoustic pieces on an electric guitar, you’ll run into some problems. But if you’re into rock ‘n roll and that’s what you want to play, I’d learn right away on the electric. Although they’re essentially the same instrument, the sound and technicalities are a bit different. So if you’re looking to learn repertoire for an electric, buy an electric, but if you want acoustic stuff, get an acoustic.

    Good luck! And have fun!

  8. shaggs Says:


  9. lyricMD Says:

    The answer to your question depends on your budget. I’m a big advocate of getting a relatively good to excellent instrument whenever starting something new. The reason is because, if it sounds nice and is responsive which excellent instruments often do, then you will be more interested and happy with your progress. If it sounds like crap to begin with, a person would more likely to give up after a while.

    With that being said, it is far easier to find a nice sounding electric guitar at a lower price than to find one that’s acoustic. The reason is that with electric guitars, the sound and feel comes from a few components that are easier to produce reliably. If the pickup and fret board’s nice and the amp is good, then you’ll feel pretty good about the sound. Acoustic however, depends largely on the master craftsman behind the work. It take much longer and more work to create a great acoustic guitar. Granted there are some cheaper acoustics that play well and sound pretty nice, for example, the baby taylor. But even then it would cost more than a comparably good electric guitar.

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