Buying Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Safely Online

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If you go shopping for Yamaha acoustic guitars online, you need to be cautious. Things aren’t always what they seem online when it comes to certain things–like buying guitars.

Of course, you could always stay on the safe side and only shop for Yamaha acoustic guitars online at the Yamaha website. If not them, you could shop for the guitar you want online at the sites of known and respected musical instrument retailers. But, if you do this, keep in mind the rule that you don’t want to spend less than $400 on your guitar.

The thing is, many of you are looking for a guitar that costs less than $400. You may be beginners, or you may have children who are just getting into the guitar. You feel that it’s not justified to spend too much money on this Yamaha acoustic guitar that you’re looking to get. With that in mind, how can you locate the instrument you want within the price range you want while looking online for it? For many people, the answer becomes: “eBay”.

It’s true that eBay is a great option for anyone who wants to find a good acoustic guitar at a lower than usual price. But this is where the note of caution comes in. You see, Yamaha has produced nearly 800 different models of acoustic guitar. Some are higher end, some are lower end. Some are steel-strung, others are nylon-strung “classical” instruments. Still others are electro-acoustic guitars. Therefore, before you shop online at eBay for the guitar, you first need to do some background research and know the guitar that you’re looking for.

You can contact Yamaha’s customer service department for help in this area. You can also contact them to help you if you see what looks like a promising Yamaha guitar online at eBay but aren’t sure if seeing can be believing. The people at Yamaha customer service should have all this information available. Sometimes, if you are looking at a guitar line that has been discontinued, you may need to let them know that so they will know where to search for it. The information should be available to them in any case, and in turn available to you. Wikipedia will also provide some details on the most famous product lines. But rely on Wikipedia as just one reference as anyone can post items there.. Check out online guitar magazines and ask local retailers if they know anything about a prospective Yamaha guitar that you might see listed. You may also find useful articles on eBay affiliated online auction houses, as they often specialize on a single product. One example of such a site is

Secondly, when comparing and considering prices of the Yamaha acoustic guitar, and when looking at others’ bids, remember that the following factors are what drive the price:

*The guitar’s age *The guitar’s quality of construction *The guitar’s condition *Yamaha’s suggested retail price when it was new *The rarity of the particular model *Personal taste

And finally, keep a sharp lookout for certain auctions and amateur salesman’s buzzwords that should send up warning signs for you–to either not bid too high, or to not buy at all:

*”Vintage”: Sounds impressive, but it may be meaningless. Every instrument is “vintage” of the year it was made. So if you go for a vintage guitar, make sure it is vintage of a year that is known for a good model.

*”Antique”: Only a quality guitar ages and gets better like a fine wine. An originally cheap guitar just ages into vinegar. So just like the vintage buzzword, you need to check out if the model is a good one.

*”Rare”: Yamaha hand-crafted guitars might be rare. Never-exported and pre-exported models are rare. But most Yamaha acoustic guitars were made for mass production, and they are definitely not rare. You can easily find out whether a guitar is rare by typing the model name into your favorite search engine and read up on the first few results. Again, it comes back to research.

*”Made by Nippon Gakki”: No, this is not some secluded Japanese master luthier. It’s merely a manufacturing facility for mass produced Yamaha guitars. It may to some be a mark of quality, but this one should not be emphasized too much.

*”Only played once”: The implication is, it’s in mint condition. But the real question is: if it only got played once, what’s wrong with it? Ask the seller why they got rid of it. You may find a good deal here as people may get guitars as gifts and never use them or even decide to buy one and then come to realize that they don’t want to spend the time learning. However, if they don’t have a good reason for getting rid of it, be careful, as the guitar may be damaged or simply no good. If you use Amazon, eBay or an eBay affiliate, you can check the seller’s rating. A high seller’s rating will tell you that you can trust the seller.

So, there you have the lowdown on getting the best pricing while shopping for Yamaha acoustic guitars online. Stay alert and you’ll get a great deal.

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