Acoustic Guitar Playing – Learning the Basics For Free

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Have you ever thought of learning to play a musical instrument but you can’t decide which instrument to play? Why not try playing the acoustic guitar?

Guitars are the rhythms of music. A guitar is the main sound most of us hear on our favorite songs. Acoustic guitar is one of the most flexible instruments around, and learning it would be worthed.

Most people pick the acoustic guitar as their preferred instrument because they think that it’s the easiest instrument to learn, but it’s not. Acoustic guitars should be learned with dedication and passion. You can’t force yourself to learn something you’re not really into. Like any other musical instrument, acoustic guitar lessons should be taken seriously, and like any other, learning music should be treated with the utmost respect.

What is an acoustic guitar? Acoustic guitar is a musical instrument made up of strong wood and is classified as a string instrument. Like an electric guitar, the acoustic guitar also has strings attached from the body that goes through the neck up to the guitar head, it’s only difference is that instead of using pickups it has a hole in the middle of it’s body that absorb the vibration of strings which produces sounds. The acoustic guitar’s neck is divided into parts, which are known as fret boards and each board’s purpose is to define different notes.

Taking Acoustic guitar lessons is no small feat. You need to learn the basic chords in order to play a decent song. You must learn the chord patterns, finger positions, strumming patterns and of course the right note and right keys to use when playing. At first it may sound too complicated but if you’re really into it, and you’ve put you’re heart on it, you’ll learn in no time and find yourself playing songs you never thought you could play.

Let’s start with Guitar Chords. Chords make up a combination of notes being strummed or plucked on the string to produce a one solid note. For example, the C chord, is made up of three different notes composed of C, E, and G note. Chord constructions and learning to how to create a chord are for advance guitar players who are already learning music theories, so for beginners, learning the basic pattern for each chord is enough.

Next is the chord progression. These are a series of chords played to create one smooth progression, your chords played shouldn’t just be on random, it should be played according to the right key. For beginners you can find a lot of sites that gives copy of songs and their chords to play, so beginners doesn’t need to worry about the right key because the progressions and the right chords are already given, you just have to listen for the timing and then play.

Lastly you need to learn the strumming pattern. There is no exact way on teaching strumming, most of the time when you play a song you knew by heart, the rhythm would occur to you naturally, so basic strumming is better learned hands on.

Learning to play the acoustic Guitar is a good choice for starting musicians, you can learn it by reading a book, researching online tutorials and methods, taking acoustic guitar lessons from a professional or by simply just have someone who knows guitar teach you. At first it is really confusing but nothing is impossible for a dedicated man. So go ahead pick the guitar and start serenading yourself.

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  1. Used Musical Instruments Says:

    I’ve always wanted to be good at at least one musical instrument, i just didn’t have the time to learn a few years back. Just recently, I decided that I want to learn the guitar. It’s one of the easiest. Plus, the fact that it’s portable was one of the factors that appealed to me. It’s been 2 months since i held and strummed my guitar for the first time. So far so good, i can now play some of the latest and old love songs. Yeah, slow music for starters. Nonetheless, it keeps you going. Practice makes perfect.

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