4 Reasons to Trade in Your Acoustic Guitar

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So maybe you have just graduated from beginner guitar class and you have decided that you want to ramp it up, or you simply just want to try a different kind of play style with a different guitar; what do you do?

You go out and pick out any guitar at your local music store, or online, friend and you start playing. Well, that maybe true if you know exactly what you are doing. But for those of you that might want a little more insight on this, read on.

How many types of guitars are there? I think that if one was to give an accurate answer to that question they would be lying. What I am saying is that there are quite bit out there. But we are just going to focus on the popularly used.

Most of the popularly known guitars are: acoustic, bass, electric. Though there are others like: banjo, steel guitar, Hawaiian guitar and many others. For our current purpose, we are just to stick to the top three.

Acoustic guitars are the most preferred guitars for beginners because of their ease of operation. Under the acoustic, we can further drill down. The acoustic electrical, which has a body similar to that of an acoustic, but does not have the sound hole (because it is electric).

Then we have the acoustic bass guitar. In comparison to the traditional acoustic that we know, it has the similar body with a sound hole; albeit there two major differences that can be noted. The neck on the acoustic bass is really long and it usually has only four thick strings.

Classical acoustic guitar (nylon string or Spanish guitar), are just like the acoustic, but the difference comes in with the headstock. The classical acoustic headstock has two openings on either side that have cylinders connected to the tuning heads.

The bass guitar is an instrument after my own heart; I really like it because of its long neck and smooth body. This instrument is similar to the acoustic bass; the difference comes in with the sound hole. The bass guitar does not have the sound hole, but all the other parts are the same as acoustic bass.

The last guitar that I am going to talk about is the electric guitar. The electric guitar is something else in my opinion. Even here we have many different kinds. We have the six, seven, eight and twelve stringed electric guitars. Not only that, but we also have the double necked instrument; which to me is quite creative I guess.

The one that I really think had some thought process behind it is the six stringed, V shaped electric guitar. If you know it, I think you will agree with me that it is absolutely amazing.

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