The Pros and Cons of Taking Guitar Lessons Online

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The days when you had trudge all the way to your tutor’s house with a guitar on your back are passé. It is the age of the Internet and all the walking you need to do is up to your computer to learn the instrument. I am talking about online guitar lessons. Now, before you get that guitar off the wall and get ready to play, let me explain to you the nitty-gritty’s of taking guitar lessons online. How does it differ from offline lessons? What difference will it make to your playing style and learning speed? Before we proceed to that, first let us take a quick glimpse into what offline guitar lessons offer.

Guitar lessons from an instructor

Pros: An instructor will always be present right next to you correcting any mistake that you might be making. This is an obvious advantage. You can perfect the position that you hold the guitar in, holding the back of the fret board with your palm and finger stretching while playing chords. Finger exercises are best learnt with an instructor. You can ask him/her to teach you how to move about your fingers until you achieve perfection. The same stands true for strumming exercises.

Cons: The first negative aspect of course is the price. Most instructors will charge at least $20 an hour if not more. If you are planning to do a crash course that lasts for 6 months or more, then get ready to shell out at least $250 a month. Will you be able to afford it? The pace at which you learn will also be determined by the instructor. He/she can choose to go slow and it will be based on their personal style.

Now for online guitar lessons

Taking guitar lessons online

Pros: There was a time when online guitar lessons were dominated by theory text. All that you could do was read through the text and try to grasp the subject. Imagine learning a guitar by reading a book. It sounds like one of those books ‘Play a guitar in 3 minutes’. Gosh, if it was as easy, then we would have millions of guitarists in the world. However, the material included in an online course has evolved considerably.

Every online course has myriad options like theory sheets, music clips and even video files to show you how the guitar should be held and how your fingers should move in a particular exercise. In addition to this, there are interactive games which help you hone your finger skills. Some instructors also provide live video lessons.

You can learn at your own pace. If you are a fast learner, then your course might well be over within a few weeks.

The price is another major difference. While you have to keep paying an instructor until you feel that you have mastered the guitar, you can buy the complete package straight away in an online course. You pay once and you can reap the benefits for a lifetime.

Unlike a live instructor, you have access to the learning material including the audio-video samples 365 days of a year. You can learn whenever you feel like learning. It is simple, fast and easy.

Cons: Well, I can’t really find any. But after thinking about it for an hour or more, I was finally able to conjure up a something. Not all people are adept at learning online. They simply cannot replicate the results that a real tutor would provide.

I am sorry if you expected more but those were all the cons that I could think of. There are thousands of online guitar lessons. Make sure that you choose the right type of course that suits your style of learning. Prepare a schedule and stick to it and you should be all set to play the ‘hotel California’ lead within a few days time. Happy playing!

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