The Guitar Lesson Show Down: Dvd Vs Private Lesson

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Dave Porter asked:

Have you always wanted to play guitar? A Guitar Lesson Dvd may be perfect for you. With the help of the Internet and DVDs learning the guitar is now easier than ever. Years ago if you wanted to learn how to play you would have to take lessons at your local music store. This is great for some, but it can be quite expensive and very inconvenient for others.  Life is busy and demanding at times, with the help of online lessons and lessons on DVDs you can learn at your own pace. When you choose to learn from the comfort of your own home, you choose a stress free approach.

One of the downfalls to the traditional style of lessons at your local music store is that you only have a certain amount of time, usually half an hour or a full hour. It’s very easy to waste time and money in one of these lessons if you’re not prepared for your current lesson. When you watch a Guitar Lesson Dvd, you have the freedom to watch a particular exercise as many times as you like. If you’re stuck on something, you can pause the DVD and practice on your own until you feel ready to move on.

The guitar is a complex demanding instrument, if you want to master it, you’re going to have to practice hard. Finding the right Guitar Lesson Dvd for you is very important. The DVD that I recommend is “Learn and Master Guitar”. With 20 DVDs, 5 jam along Cd’s, and lesson book it’s hard to pass this one up. You can learn everything you need to know about the guitar starting with the way to hold the guitar, the names of the strings, how to tune the guitar, how to play single notes, open chords, hammer ons and pull offs.

They say that everyone has a different way of learning, but I believe that absolutely anyone can learn with a Guitar Lesson Dvd. Don’t waste any more time or money, it’s time to pick that guitar up out of the corner and start making music. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy the guitar can be when you’re taught the proper way through simple instructions that are easy to follow. If you have the desire and determination to play, these DVDs can help you reach your full potential. So what are you waiting for? Get strumming.

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